Sunday, May 14, 2017

je ma'pelle anemone

Hi dear followers! Welcome to my new blog here at Nouw! The layout is not really finished yet but I'll keep building on my page while blogging (as usual) here from now on! I've been super busy today with my housewarming and everything so after I've moved my blog now, I'll post on IG and then my boyfriend and I are going for a walk. Today was so nice but I'll post pics of that soon, so stay tuned! These pics were taken a while ago. We have a family tradition where we take pictures of my sister and I in the anemones that beautifully cover the forrest floor...

Sunglasses: Fendi.
Earrings: Carré.
Paddington Coat: Burberry.
Top: Brandy Melville.
Pants: Fairy Dust.
Sneakers: New Balance.

"Kode til import af min blog til Nouw: 1394936667"

Saturday, May 13, 2017

strandvägen 1

Image 15Image 1Image 17ImageImage 14Image 18
Who's making me this breakfast? We slept in today and until now I have been cleaning and fixing lots of stuff while my boyfriend has been doing some physics. I'm currently baking and then I'm getting dressed to go for a walk, get some groceries (I need to empty a store for canned Ice Tea) and enjoy the lovely weather outside. The windows are open wide and I'm still kind of warm... Anyway, tonight we're going to make some dinner and maybe go out for a cocktail or two. These pictures are also from Stockholm, from Strandvägen 1, where my Mum and I had brunch on our last day. It was so delicious and surprisingly inexpensive too. I really love that you're just a road away from the harbour and we were able to sit outside, which is so nicely decorated and cozy. We both ordered freshly squeezed orange juices (so good!) and latte macchiatos. My Mum ordered a fancy sandwich and I had mini scones and fresh berries. The mini scones with lemon curd were delicious so I'm making that for my housewarming tomorrow. Stay tuned because pics of all my baked goods are coming up! By the way, I'm wearing my beloved Kenzo sweatshirt and Dior sunglasses in the pictures above.

Friday, May 12, 2017

off shoulder crispness

IMG_6070IMG_6095IMG_6076IMG_6083IMG_6054Hi sweeties! I've been to my cousin's confirmation today, which was really nice. First we went to Hellerup Church, it was the first time I've been there and it's quite beautiful and decorated in very light colours; white, pale cognac and gold. Afterwards, we went to my Grandparent's and chilled at their place before going to the lunch party. My boyfriend and I were so sleepy when we got home and still are... Drinking rosé (any kind of alcohol really) in the middle of the day makes me so sleepy and lazy - particularly when it's hot and sunny, which today definitely is! I'm in my Brandy Melville jogging set and now we're heading out for a walk and getting some pizza so I'm unfortunately not really outfit pic ready and we forgot to take pics yesterday but I've shown you that outfit before (the Rosendal outfit). Maybe tomorrow? Anyway, these outfit pictures are from Stockholm and my adorable little sister got me this crisp white off shoulder shirt from Bangkok. I love it - particularly now that the weather is finally nicer!

Sunglasses: Dior.
Earrings: Dior.
Lipstick: Mac.
Faux Fur Coat: Ilse Jacobsen.
Shirt: Bangkok.
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire.
Jeans: Levi's.
Sneakers: New Balance.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

rosendal garden café

Image 1ImageImage 2Image 4IMG_5745
Here are some pics from our wonderful and sunny trip to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. If you're in Stockholm I really recommend going to Rosendal Gardens and their lovely café. They have lunch and all sorts of delicious cakes, we chose a cardamom bun, "hallongrotta" and a piece of carrot cake (not as good as Fotografiska's though). They were all good and the setting is so beautiful! You sit in white green houses surrounded by lots and lots of beautiful plants. Anyway, today has been a crazy busy day and I'm picking up my boyfriend from the airport soon!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

baby blue

Hey pretty people! Sorry for blogging so late but I've been busy most of the day. I actually slept in a little today because I didn't feel very well when I woke up. But when I got up I felt good again so I went to the gym (leg day). Other than that I've gotten some groceries and I've been studying at home. I only had a 45 minute class in school so I didn't bother applying makeup and stuff. I actually really like not wearing makeup too so the application depends on the mood. I'm wearing the most perfect studying attire from Brandy Melville. I got the two piece set in Stockholm and it is in the cutest baby blue colour. Goodnight! I'm heading to bed after I've updated my blog a bit more so please scroll down!

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

golden hour in stockholm

IMG_5624IMG_5583IMG_5610IMG_5598IMG_5591IMG_5599IMG_5607IMG_5628IMG_5638Good evening dear readers. I found these outfit pictures from the first day in Stockholm that I haven't posted yet. We shot them during golden hour and I'm super happy with the light in the pics, it is so warm and makes them really pretty even though my lipstick looks very shiny and almost white in some of the pictures. I'm really sleepy right now, I've been to school most of the day, then went for a one hour walk, had dinner, fixed a bunch of stuff, studied a bit and now I'm Skypeing with my boyfriend and we've just watched an episode of The Killing. So now I thought I'd update my blog a bit (The Killing is rather scary and I need to focus on something else before going to sleep) - please scroll down for more new posts. Tomorrow is going to be a full day of studying and I'm planning to go to the gym - leg day. Anyway, outfit details are below. I'm so happy with my new Levi's jeans!

Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Earrings: Carré.
Faux Fur Coat: Ilse Jacobsen.
Shirt: PLAY Commes des Garcons.
Jeans: Levi's.
Bag: LV.
Sneakers: New Balance.

Monday, May 08, 2017

white cherry blossoms & mahogany

IMG_5159IMG_5160IMG_5161IMG_5163And I'm back in Copenhagen again. Actually, I have been since yesterday because my Mum and I went to my aunt's birthday celebration here in Copenhagen. My Mum left earlier today and today is one of those days when I miss her a lot... Anyway, I've been to the gym today and I've studied. I also just pampered myself a bit with exfoliating, doing a facial mask and dyed my eyebrows. Now, I'm really sleepy but I've got to do a bit more of studying and then we'll see what I'll feel like doing.

P.S. Did you notice that I changed my wine bottles for Moët & Chandon Nectar and Ice Imperial? They are really decorative!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

stockholm vibes

Image 7Image 9 copyImage 7 copy
We're on our way to Copenhagen so I thought I'd just share these snapshots from Stockholm. Stockholm is a really beautiful city and architecture-wise I think it has a slight resemblance to Paris. The weather was delightful during our stay, which of course added to the summery feeling (definitely visit Stockholm in the summer unless you really want to freeze). Do you guys know that I could have chosen to study in Stockholm? It's a beautiful city but it's rather far from my hometown, so I'm very happy with my choice.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

baby blue & cinnamon bun

Image 5
It's actually such a shame that I didn't take any pictures today (picture proof?) because the weather has been amazing! I could actually tan in a bikini for some hours in the middle of the day! We've been pretty unfortunate with the weather this spring so far so today was pretty major! Anyway, I've been doing all sorts of practical things with my Mac and my iPhone (trying to clear up some space), tanning and going for a long walk. My Mum and I even grilled Norwegian lobster and asparagus for dinner. First time barbecuing  this year! Now we're going to watch some Dexter and then I'm off to bed. Oh, and this picture is from our trip home from Stockholm. I travelled in a new sweat two piece from Brandy Melville in the cutest baby blue colour (perfect flight outfit - am I right?) and of course accompanied by a humongous cinnamon bun from Saturnus, which is a pretty famous café in Stockholm.

Friday, May 05, 2017

fotografiska café

Image 5Image 6
Another post from Stockholm. I've mentioned that Fotografiska is my favourite museum and naturally, the café has affected that decision... They have such a variety of different delicious foods and my Mum and I had such a hard time choosing what to get! We ended up with sharing a shrimp salad and a huge piece of carrot cake. The view over Stockholm harbour from the café is splendid and the interior is minimalistic and dark except for the art hanging on the walls. I love these two pictures. I adore the colours in the second ones and pictures of lips are almost always beautiful somehow. The other photography is pretty too and I love the mod eye makeup.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

red ranunculus

I remembered that I forgot to post these gorgeous little red ranunculus that I bought. Actually, the Lyngby vase is new too and I adore the transparent pink colour. Currently waiting for peony season even though I have a lot less fresh flowers now that I've gotten my beloved lemon and olive trees transported to my apartment.