Tuesday, July 31, 2012

zulu & bobo

Zulu is having a friend over; Bobo. Here they are sleeping in the bed.


That is pretty much it from Russia. I had about 2000 pictures and I had to pick the ones to post, edit a little bit and so on. Here I am on the day of arrival in St. Petersburg in the windowsill. I have always wanted one big enough to sit and lie in. It is so relaxing. Especially with a wonderful view like this one! Thank you so much for the trip, it was truly fantastic!

Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Shirt: Dsquared2.
Jeans: Flying A.
And a San Pellegrino...

Monday, July 30, 2012


Outside of Smolnij, we went to visit it on the first day and were all pretty much amazed by the beauty of the cathedral. The buildings around it used to be a boarding school for aristochratic girls. It looks like a wedding cake!

architecture of st petersburg

There are two sides of Russia. One side that the Romanov family and architects like Rastrelli and Rossi built and the other built during the time of the Soviet Union. I think you can all see which one is which one.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

peter & paul cathedral

Yet another catheedral; the Peter & Paul Cathedral. It was built on Peter The Great's initiative and decorated with lots of pastels. Did you know that St. Petersburg was founded 300 years ago on nothing but a swamp? Beats me.

outside of the winterpalace & eremitage

Outside the Winterpalace and the Hermitage. The collections of art and interior inside were magnificent and the space and order of the architecture outside was striking.

P.S. That thing on my elbow is a mosquito bite; unfortunately they adore me!


Went to visit the summerpalace as well. It was huge and beautifully decorated. Unfortunately it was damaged during the second worldwar, that's why the "golden" stucco details on the facade are brown and not like they were originally: gold plated. Anyway, look at the walls and furniture inside of the castle, breathtaking! Actually you can rent it for your wedding, feel like doing that?

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Pictures taken from a boattrip on the Neva river. St. Petersburg actually reminds me a lot of Paris with all the majestic buildings. And of Amsterdam with the rivers.

marinskij theatre

Saw my first opera in the Marinskij Theatre last week. I think it was incredible but I was a bit confused because I misunderstood the plot a bit... And the "subtitles" were in Russian. So I must admit that I was a bit bewildered but eventually I got it. Luckily! We saw Tosca by Puccini.

spaso-preobrasjenskij cathedral

Here is another cathedral: Spaso-Preobrasjenskij Cathedral. This was the first one we saw, actually the afternoon we landed. There are just so many details on the cathedrals, I have tons of pics of that but I only show you what I find the most interesting.

Friday, July 27, 2012

gourmet in st petersburg

Went to a gourmet store at Nevskij Prospekt which is the main street in St. Petersburg. The display was gorgeous, the pastries looked delicious, black Russian caviar and oysters in saltwater. There were also lots of other delicious foods and candy.

inside of the winterpalace & eremitage

It has taken pretty much time to choose which pictures to post but here're my choices. It is almost impossible to mediate the greatness, fabulousness and feeling of history of the Winterpalace and Eremitage through just a couple of pictures but I'm trying anyway. Imagine to live in a place like this! Extraordinary!