Wednesday, September 30, 2015


A picture from the hike we went on today. We had pancakes in bed and then we drove off to take a walk. I guessed we walked for about 2 hours and it's a really beautiful route; alongside a river and onto a ridge in the forest. It looks kind of fairytale-ish. Afterwards, we met a friend for coffee, he's leaving for university tomorrow so we thought we'd say goodbye. Now we're going to get some food, watch a movie and I'm going to have a mini spa evening afterwards. It has been such a cozy Wednesday!

Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Top: Calvin Klein.
Tights: Lager 157.
Sneakers: Adidas Gazelle.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

blonde hair & black clothes

I just got inside from trying to learn how to longboard... I must say that it went a lot better than with a regular skateboard but there is still a lot  to be perfected! Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going on a small hike (think the LA type of hike but not in LA - and probably not with as nice weather) that I look forward to, I'll try to take some pics because it's a quite beautiful area. I went there many times when I was smaller. Anyway, now we're heading to the store to get some dinner and candy.

Hat: By Malene Birger.
Sunglasses: Thailand.
Faux Fur: Faux.
Dress: T by Alexander Wang.
Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

Monday, September 28, 2015

holy smoke bbq

 Yesterday we had lunch at Holy Smoke to celebrate one of the last sunny and summery weekends with barbecue and lots of smoke. We had super yummy barbecued short ribs, coleslaw (I'm usually not really fond of that, but it was actually quite good) and Fentimans sodas. It was a super cool and very relaxed place, we were sitting just by the campfire so it was a bit smoky... Anyway, today I'm in school most of the day and later this evening I'll be having dinner with some family to celebrate my cousin's birthday.

Hat: By Malene Birger.
Sunglasses: Grandfather's Vintage.
Shirt: Odd Molly.
Watch: Burberry.
Jewellery: Bimba & Lola, Carré etc.
Jeans: Cheap Monday.
Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

milkshakes & banoffee pie

Sorry, but I have so many food(porn) pictures to show you all. It feels like I've spent all weekend eating lots of scrumptious food. This afternoon we stopped by Garage Bar to have milkshakes and dessert after we had been to another amazing place (and had lots of delicious food). We had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshake as well as a Banoffee Pie. I'll be posting more pictures on Instagram this week, so stay tuned!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

beef medallions & edamame beans

Saturday dinner! My boyfriend and I barbecued edamame beans, beef medallions and baked potatoes. And we had marshmallows with melted chocolate afterwards, of course. This is probably and sadly the last time we're barbecuing this year!

Friday, September 25, 2015

pink & green colours

These roses have such a delightful and delicate pinkish/yellowish colour and the leaves and flowers go really well with the Moët  & Chandon bottles and candles. I really love fresh flowers - thank you! I'm enjoying these last days with green leaves outside... Have a lovely weekend! It's supposed to be great weather so I'm looking forward to that!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

black, white & light

I'm super sleepy right now after reading more than a hundred pages of Chemistry and having a hard time sleeping last night (I have no idea why - I just couldn't)... So I guess I'll be going to sleep soon! The pictures are from Glyptoteket.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

fringed sweater weather

It has really started to become sweater weather now! My outfit today had that certain 70's vibe (at least in my own opinion) with a fringe sweater, shirt (unfortunately not with that famous 70's collar though), high waisted blue jeans, big glasses, multiple necklaces, bracelets and long hair. The 70's are in again (and long hair - yay!) and I'm fond of many of the specific characteristics. Anyway, I went to Lyngby today in order to fix some school stuff and then I went strolling in Magasin.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

dior nail glow

Tried my Grandmother's pink Dior Nail Glow lacquer on this morning while reading about the nervous system. The nail polish gives the nails a slight ombré finish with light pink on the tip and a sheer purple near the roots. Very pretty and subtle!

Jewellery: Carré.
Watch: Burberry.
Sweater: Brandy Melville.

Monday, September 21, 2015


I went to Glyptoteket in Copenhagen this weekend to catch the Man Ray exhibition before it closed yesterday. The Man Ray exhibition itself was very intriguing, mathematical, anatomical and weird - some might say spooky even though his spookiest art was not in the exhibition. But it was very interesting as well. We also spent some time viewing the beautiful art of Edgar Degas, the Danish Golden Era and the French impressionists. Glyptoteket truly is a little oasis in the heart of Copenhagen - I mean - look at that winter garden...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

serenity meringue cupcakes

Went to Serenity Cupcakes with friends - again... I think it's almost the only proper café in Copenhagen with delicious and pretty cakes... If you're reading this thinking "Well, haven't she been to that obvious place with those delicious cakes?" - then please drop a comment because I love to explore and discover new restaurant and in this case; cozy little cafés! Anyway, I had my favourite "Chocolate O'Dream" (Valrhona chocolate and Oreos) and my friends had two "Bohemian Raspberry" and one "Malteser" - all with meringue on top of them. I really recommend this very girly and cozy little café in the heart of Copenhagen - they serve some of the best cupcakes that I have ever tasted!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

little black lace dress at glyptoteket

This is what I wore yesterday at Glyptoteket and during the night out. I wore my beloved and elegant black lace dress from Copenhagen Luxe and my new Notabene heels (I probably should have walked in them more before I suddenly decided to wear them for 10 hours straight... Hello Compeed...). But I found the outfit very pretty and good for both day and evening wear. Isn't the setting at Glyptoteket just wonderful? I really loved the Man Ray exhibition as well.

Friday, September 18, 2015

fugu tea cocktails

Here are some cocktails we had at FUGU Cocktail Bar located at Gammel Strand. Their cocktails are either tea or coffee based, which is a quite funny idea that I particularly fancy as a tea enthusiast. I had the "Passionate Ice Tea" (upper right corner) and it was so fresh and delicious! We went so many places this afternoon and evening, and I'll tell you everything about it during the next few days...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

kooples shirt & chelsea boots

Just a snap of my grey outfit today. These are my new everyday Chelsea Boots from Wonders that I got in Magasin in Copenhagen last week. They were the last pair so I'm super happy I bought them. I've been wearing them nonstop since and I think they go with everything. I'm also wearing a The Kooples shirt that I got a couple of years ago. The pattern really adds some character to the outfit.

Shirt: The Kooples.
Jeans: Dr. Denim Jeansmakers.
Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

Monday, September 14, 2015

monogrammed burberry scarves

A definite item on my wish list this year is a red cashmere scarf from Burberry. Or I might treat myself to it because I plan on going to London in December. I'd also like it monogrammed but unfortunately Burberry only allows three initials and I have four... What colour would you guys prefer? I prefer this charade red posted above - or the vermillion red but I couldn't find it on the webpage.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

swedish cinnamon buns

 Mum baked these delicious Swedish cinnamon buns and plain buns yesterday and I must confess that my boyfriend and I had them for breakfast this morning... I'm currently planning outfits for the next few days and prepping for school tomorrow. How about you guys?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

golden retriever puppy

Today my BFF came over for some coffee and Swedish cinnamon buns and she brought her Golden Retriever puppy, Nelson. He's indescribably adorable (as you can see)! We had coffee, talked and played with Nelson who sometimes falls asleep suddenly - even while playing. So, so, so cute! Anyway, I just followed them home, Nelson was resting in the bike basket because he can't walk very far just yet. I'm looking forward to seeing them next week. Now, I'm meeting my boyfriend to have dinner and watch Betty Blue. Have a lovely Saturday evening!

Friday, September 11, 2015

light blue & light grey

I'm so ready to chill this weekend! It's been a rather busy week so these next few days I'll just relax, study a bit and hang out with some friends. Hopefully, I'm also seeing my best friend's new Golden Retriever puppy! The shoes I'm wearing are my new everyday shoes, by the way... Have a lovely Friday night!

Sunglasses: Burberry.
Shirt: Banana Republic.
Watch: Burberry.
Jewellery: Bambi & Lola and Carré.
Skirt: NORR.
Shoes: Wonders.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Celebrating that I am now a "profile blogger" here at Improveme, I spoiled myself with a new pair of  heels from Notabene! I have been admiring these for quite a while now and when I tried them on it was a perfect fit. There was only one size 36 left in the store so I had to buy them... They seem fine to walk and stand up in for longer periods of time, which is really important since I want to use them for fancier occasions and parties. Aren't they beautiful? They're lying in my beloved and missed Stingray by Frederecia Furniture.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

beau marché

After my first and only lecture this morning, my friend met me in Copenhagen for some shopping and lunch. First we went to lots of different stores in central Copenhagen (I bought some gorgeous stuff, which I will blog about as soon as possible) and we also had lunch at an extraordinary little place called Beau Marché, which is an antiques boutique and wine café. The interior was super cozy in a French sort of way and the charcuteries and white wine was delicious. It was quite full and difficult to find though. I was wearing way too much clothes today, the top in the picture, black leather pants, my Burberry jacket and a thick and long grey sweater... But the weather was splendid! We also went to Club Collection and to Strandvejen. It has been such a lovely day!