Tuesday, January 31, 2017

3 year anniversary brunch

Image 1
My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years today! It's really kind of crazy and it only feels like 1 year? Anyway, I woke up to prepare some anniversary brunch for us consisting of newly baked croissants, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, latte and hot cocoa, blood orange juice and champagne from Laurent Perrier (which was super delicious and very mild in taste - perfect for a champagne brunch). Then I gave him his gift; a dark grey robe from The White Company to keep in my apartment. I also have one i light grey, so I thought we'd have his and hers... Now we're getting ready to go out to Rosenborg Castle and go for a walk here in Copenhagen. Tonight we're going to Restaurant Kokkeriet, they have a Michelin star and serve modern but traditional Danish cuisine. I am super excited about it and I have been looking forward to it for weeks! We'll probably be out late but posts are coming up in the next number of days...

Monday, January 30, 2017

yellow monday vibes

Good Morning! It's Monday and the first day of school (in a while)! I'm really lucky because we have a course in philosophy right now, which means that I have school three days a week and I start rather late! Perfect for me to get settled into the new apartment for real! I'm going shopping for home appliances later. I really want a pink Smeg fridge! They are so pretty! My shirt is from Commes des Garcons (got it in London at Dover Street Market). The ring is from Carré.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

the laundromat café

This is my last day off before 4th semester of Med school starts tomorrow! We're starting a pretty philosophical course, which will be interesting... Anyway, today my boyfriend and I slept in and then we walked to The Laundromat Café to have brunch. We were super hungry after the walk even though it was just 30 minutes so we quickly ordered the standard Dirty Brunches and two huge smoothies. The dirty brunch consists of anything you'd want for a real brunch. Pancakes with the best chocolate butter, bacon, scrambled eggs, granola and yoghurt etc. I had a delicious smoothie with strawberries, raspberries and ginger. Yum! We just got home from that and some grocery shopping (tacos tonight) and now we're going to try and hand the curtains (something I've dreaded for weeks) but I've decided to do it myself because hiring someone else to do it would really mean low "life skills"... I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

inspiration # 67

I just got back from some grocery shopping for tonight and a facial massage at Natura Siberica. I'll tell you about the facial massage first. If you buy for over some amount in the Natura Siberica store here in Copenhagen, you will get a complimentary facial massage with pine nut oil and I had mine today (which was much needed after dragging a 30 kg. suitcase a rather long way). It was relaxing and smelled heavenly. I think I actually have one of those oils at home, I will definitely start using it even though my face smelled a little like a delicious pasta dish after the massage (who doesn't love pasta though?)... Which brings me to the next step. I got groceries to make dinner (spaghetti carbonara) for my boyfriend, I'm off to pick him up at the airport now. We're celebrating our 3 year anniversary this weekend and I'm really excited about it! Weekend plans are pretty much summed up in the inspo pics above (love the camel set) and the real celebration is on Tuesday.

Friday, January 27, 2017

london shopping spots

Some of my fave places in London! For obvious reasons... These are the shopping places one cannot miss on a shopping spree in London - Harrods, Bond Street and Selfridges/Oxford Street! Regent Street used to be my favourite because Hamley's is located there and it's still gorgeous but I usually don't visit any stores there. I'm currently packing a really big suitcase because I'm going back to my place in Copenhagen tomorrow. I'm quite excited because I haven't spent too much time there after all the travelling, Christmas and studying... Anyway, I have some pretty nice things to pack for. Tomorrow I'm travelling, getting a mini facial at Natura Siberica, running some secret errands and then I'm picking my love up at the airport. Can't wait for him to arrive! We haven't made any plans on Sunday, really. I think we're just going to relax and perhaps have brunch somewhere, go for a walk, make dinner and have a chill and cozy night in. On Monday, I'm starting school again, I look forward to seeing my friends and afterwards I'm going fridge and stove (and microwave!) shopping with my Grandparents and boyfriend and then we're having dinner at their place. I have Tuesday off and my boyfriend and I have been together for three years then so we have some pretty exciting things planned for that! Now I have to get back to outfit coordinating!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

missguided thigh highs

We're having guests tonight and we're having sushi... I'm so hungry. Anyway, today I've continued cleaning my room and shot some pictures of new ins! I got these pink suede thigh high boots before my exam but I have obviously not worn them yet. I really look forward until I can though! Next week there are lots of restaurant visits coming up, so I should have a good chance to wear them then. Perfect for the cold January weather! I'll try to make sure to post an outfit and some scrumptious food pics. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

pink velvet & white townhouses

IMG_5019IMG_5020Morning! I woke up not long ago and just had breakfast with my Mum and started cleaning a bit. My room is pretty messy after studying the first ten days of 2017, packing for 10 days in England and then arriving home with lots of stuff... Yesterday my Mum and sister picked me up at the airport and then we went back home to my place to fix a few things (also managed to do some shopping in between) and then we had dinner and went all the way back to Sweden so we got home quite late. I don't really have any plans for today except cleaning a bit, fixing some practical things and going for a long walk in the icy weather. I'm missing UK a little bit, love these gorgeous white Kensington townhouses. The picture is from when my boyfriend and I went (future) apartment scouting in the area. What a dream to live in London! But I'm very happy with living in Copenhagen too.

Sunglasses: Fendi.
Paddington Coat: Burberry.
Shirt: Bruuns Bazaar.
Skirt: Missguided.
Bag: LV.
Boots: Uggs.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

lipstick stained latte

I'm currently sitting at Pret A Manger in Luton airport, waiting for my flight back home to Copenhagen. My Mum and sister are picking me up at the airport and I really look forward to seeing them! I've missed them while I was away. I have the rest of the week off from school, which is really nice so I am planning on buying a fridge and a stove, planning lots of outfits, going for lots of long walks, hopefully see some friends and fixing some practical stuff before I move into my new apartment for real! Oxford and London have been good to me! The pink velvet skirt is from Missguided and the cashmere cardigan is from Club Collection.

Monday, January 23, 2017

balliol college dinner with friends

Today was my last day in Oxford and it went by really quickly! I woke up late and then I went to get my observer contract for the hospital internship in a place in the middle of nowhere. Then I had lunch with my boyfriend at the college, then I did some last minute shopping in Oxford, had coffee at Starbucks with my love and then we went back to the college to play some pool before meeting some Swedish friends for dinner at Balliol College. The dining rooms are just magical here. Afterwards we had a beer in the beer cellar and now we're home and I just finished packing and prepping for bed. Goodnight!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

mcqueen in london

IMG_5026Here's a pic of me when we left the hotel and walked through Kensington on our way to Harrods (carrying yesterdays shopping from Victoria's Secret, Dover Street Market and Burberry). I'm wearing an Alexander McQueen dress that I use way too seldom! I just had a Pret A Manger club sandwich and ginger beer for dinner and now I'm watching a series before having a shower and going to bed. Tomorrow is my last day in Oxford so I look forward to enjoying every last bit of it!

Sunglasses: Fendi.
Paddington Coat: Burberry.
Dress: Alexander McQueen.
Boots: Uggs.

granger & co

We had brunch at Granger & Co. today. And I must admit that the ricotta hotcakes were really good. The latte was way too small and too strong for me but the pictures were really pretty. And I even managed to get a good pic before my boyfriend digged in. We also went to Harrods and a museum today and now we're going to go back to Oxford. I'll try to post an outfit pic tonight. I'm wearing my Alexander McQueen dress today. Sunnies are from Fendi.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

burger & lobster london

IMG_4911 2
We just got back to the hotel (we found one!) after walking from Marble Arch to Earl's Court... And we've been walking around London all day and then we even climbed like 200 stair steps at the tube station in Covent Garden... But it was super romantic walking through a sleepy London hand in hand. I've bought some stuff today that I look forward to showing you! We had dinner at a place called "Burger & Lobster", which seems like a chain of restaurants where they basically only sell lobsters, burgers and French fries. And giant cocktails! Luckily, the cocktail, which was some kind of tea, orange and whiskey/cognac cocktail, was good! We also stopped by a pub on our way home to get a beer and now I have to go because we're going to sleep! Nighty!

off to a weekend in london

Hey pretty people! My boyfriend and I are heading to London this weekend! I'm hoping we can find a hotel so we can have part of the Sunday in London too. Plans for today are shopping: Selfridges, Brandy Melville, Burberry Beauty in Covent Garden, Dover Street Market, Rag & Bone, Victoria's Secret etc. I'm hoping I can find a pair of classic blue jeans from Rag & Bone and a yellow striped Commes des Garcons shirt. And tonight we're probably having some lobster and cocktails somewhere. And perhaps a beer in a traditional pub afterwards. Stay tuned for my weekend adventure! Now we're off to get a baguette from Pret A Manger and a toffee nut latte from Starbucks.

Friday, January 20, 2017

black flare pants outfit

Image 4Image 5Image 3Today was the last day in the hospital, which was actually really sad! Particularly because the first three years at Medicine at the University of Copenhagen are purely academic. It'll be a really long time until I spend some time in neurosurgery theatres again... After work, I met up with my boyfriend, got changed and then we went to the Museum of Science here in Oxford and then we walked around in old bookshops and beautiful college gardens and then we had coffee at Starbucks before heading home. We're going to play a game with some of my boyfriends friends and then we're going to a party down in the beer cellar with all of them afterwards. I think it's going to be lots of fun! What do you think about my new flare pants? I've been wanting a pair ever since Zara produced grey ones but they were too big for me even in the smallest size. I found these in Ho Chi Minh and haven't worn them since I got them. For more outfit details, see below... Lipstick is YSL.

Sunglasses: Fendi.
Choker: Brandy Melville.
Paddington Coat: Burberry.
Pants: Ho Chi Minh.
Bag: LV.
Boots: Uggs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

toffee nut life

Hey guys. I got home from the hospital some hours ago and all I managed to do was go and get a sandwich and ever since that I've been chilling in bed with lots of snacks, Insta and my Mac... Today was really exciting as well. Neurosurgery really is incredibly fascinating! I'd really like to tell you loads about it but obviously I can't... This pic is from the other day when my boyfriend and I had coffee and cakes at Starbucks. They fortunately still have my fave coffee: the toffee nut latte. So I'm leading the toffee nut latte life here in Oxford (trying not to have one every day though haha). But well well, my healthy life doesn't really start until I start school back home in Copenhagen. I'm really excited about buying lots of Kartell furniture and a new pink Smeg fridge.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

inspiration # 66

carré pink safirladureechocolatebarsE0078MIDRS_D301_C0maisondesfleurs
So Valentine's Day is coming up! And I wanted to make a little inspo post on what to get your girlfriend... Here are a few things I think would be really nice (to get). Above is a necklace from Carré with a pink topaz that is super gorgeous and very cute for the occasion. Tiffany's make some stunning keys as well that I really love but they might be a bit expensive for a regular Valentine's Day present... Then there are always classics such as chocolate and roses. Particularly chocolate from fancier brand (not something you'd get in the supermarket) such as Ladurée (or macaroons?), Valrhona, Summerbird etc. And rose boxes are a pretty big trend right now and I find them really gorgeous and quite practical. I've seen many over-the-top fabulous rose boxes on Instagram but all the brands tend to be based in California and Dubai... But a brand called "J&G Roser" opened a while ago in Copenhagen and their rose boxes look really beautiful and simple on Instagram. And the Dior earrings are just super gorgeous as well, I really love them.

Monday, January 16, 2017

oxford magic

I really love coming back to this in the evenings. It's so beautiful! I think I really appreciate things that most Brits don't when I'm here (probably because I've never gotten used to it). I really enjoy taking the red double decker busses home when I finish at the hospital. And I also really adore all the rain. It hasn't been a good trip to England if it hasn't been raining...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

prada & pink

image2image3Here are some pics from my trip to Bicester Village yesterday. I actually didn't really find anything except for a black cable knit sweater from Ralph Lauren... I wanted a white Burberry shirt too but it was supposed to be slim fit but it was baggy in the back (and I tried XS!?) so I obviously didn't get that. Today we haven't been up to that much... We slept in, got breakfast toasts at Taylor's and then we took a walk in Christchurch Meadows, I went shopping and now I just had Pret A Manger tomato soup (Café Nero was all sold out sadly because I really like their ciabatta bread) and now I'm blogging a bit before I'll watch a Danish series called "Arvingerne" (it's really good and hippie-ish). And then I'll go to bed early. I'm looking forward to going to the hospital tomorrow morning!

Hat: Club Collection.
Makeup: YSL.
Bag: LV.
Paddington Coat: Burberry.
Sweater: Boohoo.
Dress: Boohoo.
Boots: Uggs.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

barbie look

I slept in today and I haven't done that in like forever... It was so good! I was actually a bit disappointed that I wasn't going back to the hospital this morning when I woke up. It was so interesting and exciting yesterday! Today I'm wearing some new pink clothes from Boohoo, working the Barbie style. We're going to get brunch at Pret, then go to Bicester Village and tonight we're hanging out with my boyfriends' friends.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

london cravings

I'm going to London today! I really hope they still have Toffee Nut Lattes in Starbucks! Now I'm going to let the painter's into my apartment and then I'm going straight to the airport. I'm so relieved that I did my exam and now I can focus on the next super exciting thing! I'm so nervous and excited about tomorrow! It's the first day of my internship! And I look forward to spending some quality time with my boyfriend without all sorts of exams in the back of our heads.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

pizza in the airport

Here's my favourite pizza in Copenhagen! It's from Gorm's Pizza and it's a pizza bianca called Denny Special with chèvre, rosemary, finely sliced potato, cheese and truffle oil. Super yummy and perfect for busy study days...

Thursday, January 05, 2017

maldives spa lounge

Here's another throwback. I miss this so much! I went so many places last summer, it was pretty crazy (and amazing)! Unfortunately, I don't have time to look through my external hard drive or I could've probably found some pretty Palma and Côte d'Azure pics too... These pics were taken at the pre spa lounge where we took a dip before heading in for our treatments. We had a scrub, wrap and massage and it was heavenly! I love that we could look down into the ocean whilst getting our treatments, so cool! My bikini is from Victoria's Secret.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

bat chair

I finally got my Bat or Butterfly Chair! It's made by the Swedish brand Cuero and is one of the best reproductions of the original Bat Chair that unfortunately is no longer produced. I got in in a cognac colour called "Polo" and I'm really happy for it. The leather is so beautiful! This pic is from the entrance in my apartment, by the way - your first little sneak peak! I'll show you more of it when everything is done. I still have to go and buy some chairs and I've actually already made a deal with the brand... It's fun to show you my interior decorating skills! Stay tuned for more this month but now I'm going to go back to studying and tonight we're getting Gasoline burgers! They are on the top 30 list of best burgers in the world!

Monday, January 02, 2017

dean & deluca dreams

Since I'm currently in my sweatpants and hair in a messy bun studying, I thought I'd look through my olds drafts and look what I found. Time for a little throwback to Bangkok this summer. I really miss spending time and having fun with my sweet little sister and BFF! And I miss having a slight tan and having time to dress up!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

inspiration # 65

Happy new 2017 dear followers! I'm afraid that the start of the year will be a little uneventful blog-wise. I have an exam the 11th of January so I'm going to dive straight back into my books today. Med student life... No new year's hangover for me though, luckily! New year is quite a weird "tradition". I don't like spending the first day of the year hungover, it's like starting the year by getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Anyway, afterwards there will be plenty of exciting things going on. I'm travelling to Oxford the day after my exam to stay ten days with my boyfriend while I have an internship with school. I'm going to be at the neurosurgery department and I'm super excited about it! I really can't wait. I though I'd start the year with an inspo post. Here's what I look forward to doing in 2017... Drink lots of water! I don't know why it's such a difficult thing to do!? It's like a cure to all kinds of skin problems, headaches etc. So I most definitely have to get better at that. This year I'm finally going to move in to my new apartment for real! And refurbish it completely! And I look forward to lots of luxe picnics in Copenhagen parks and having pretty and delicious cocktails with my sister and friends. And I also really want to have my deep tan back! I still have tan lines after studying indoors for what feels like four months straight, though. But I definitely want to spend lots of time tanning. Yum. Do you have any plans for the new year yet?