Thursday, March 31, 2016

silver screen

IMG_0128IMG_0132IMG_0124I just got home from one of my last evening classes and now I'll take a quick shower and grab a cup of tea! I can't wait until I'm done with this! Here's an all black outfit from Hamburg. Hopefully I'll get the chance to take a couple more during the weekend. Do you guys have plans? I'll tell you mine during the weekend...

Lipstick: YSL.
Shirt: Terminal 21.
Watch: Burberry.
Jewellery: Balenciaga, Carré & Anni Lu.
Tuxedo Trousers: Fairy Dust.
Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

hamburg city guide

IMG_0264IMG_0261IMG_0322IMG_2378IMG_2630IMG_2302IMG_2281IMG_2377IMG_0277IMG_2425Here's a little Hamburg guide... I really like getting travel inspiration and tips from blogs, Instagrams and such, so I thought I'd make a little one for you... We stayed at the Mövenpick Hotel in Sternschanzen Park (which could be pretty creepy in the evening). The hotel was very nice and pretty cool - it's an old water tower a landmark for Hamburg, you can see it in picture number 10.

Where to eat?

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery:
The perfect spot to enjoy breakfast or tea/coffee time. It has a really cool old-fashioned vibe but is still really fresh, cozy and modern. They've got healthy breakfast options - such as their Acai bowls (good but only for banana fans) and scrambled eggs etc. And they've also got stuff for the ones with a sweeter tooth, like: waffles, lots of different cakes etc. Their freshly squeezed orange juice is as delicious as their coffee. It's located in Deichstraße in HafenCity.

The perfect Sternschanzen breakfast! Industrial, modern and most definitely a place hipsters come to enjoy one of Hamburgs best coffees. We had lunch and breakfast there during our stay, as it was quite close to Mövenpick hotel. It's also right beside Bullerei and Altes Mädchen. They have lots of different kinds of bread and toppings such as ciabatta, bagels, focaccia etc. and parma ham, salami, mozzarella, salmon and so on.

Bullerei is a slightly weird but probably super good (judging from the burgers we had in the Bullerei Deli where you can probably get a table without having booked weeks in advance - if you're willing to wait) dinner place for meat lovers. Their cocktails are super good too and it's a very popular place. But for people who are not the biggest meat fans ever - the Deli is quite a nice alternative that also serves meat but not in as huge amounts as Bullerei. It's just beside Elbgold and Altes Mädchen.

Altes Mädchen:
A dark and also very popular restaurant. In the same street as Bullerei and Elbold - Lagerstraße. They specialize in craft beers and their menu is quite varied. We all had salads there and they were super good.

Café de Paris:
The food we had there was good, but I'd probably not recommend it. What I'd recommend instead is having a coffee and a lemon meringue pie or a macaron and enjoy the pretty French atmosphere and ceiling.

Alsterhaus Hamburg:
Quite dissapointing actually. But I'll post pictures of the breakfast later. It's quite a nice place to pick up a Berliner but stay away from their freshly squeezed juices!

What to do?

A Sunday visit to the local Fishmarket is quite funny. There's a lot of shop owners still trying to yell after having lost their voices - probably a couple of hours ago. Lots of locals and tourists go there but I think it's more fun for the locals who can actually buy some fish and big baskets full of exotic fruits. We were recommended to go there about 5-7 o'clock in the morning but we probably arrived at 8 o'clock - which was completely fine and it definitely wasn't over. Their Fishmarket concert and brunch was quite funny too. We didn't do it because I'm not sure cold beer, fish and "Sweet Home Alabama" is my breakfast thing... See picture 2.

Twisted Rooms:
I've written a post about this earlier. You pick a room and you have one hour to solve a mystery through finding different clues and solving problems. It's a quite nice teamworking exercise and it's actually not as all as lame as it sounds. Perfect for a rainy day in Hamburg.

HafenCity & Harbour:
A visit to the harbour is a must! It's industrial vibe and size are quite impressive. You can take a ride in a boat bus to experience Hamburg from the water. HafenCity is cool too even though there are lots of buildings in different styles (and some of them quite ugly). Picture 1 and 9.

The cool hipster part of Hamburg. It has many interesting little shops but most of the clothes they sell are actually Danish or Swedish - which wasn't that much fun for us. But you can also come across jewellery from local young Hamburg designers, which makes for a perfect souvenir. The houses here are quite pretty but covered in graffiti.

Binnenalster & Town Hall:
This is probably the only "really pretty" place in Hamburg. All the major shopping malls and expensive stores are located in this area. I wouldn't say that there is anything particular about the shopping as there are mostly quite international brands. The Town Hall is pretty pompous too and it's definitely worth checking it out. We didn't go inside it though. The Pictures 4, 6 and 8.
St. Michael's Church & St. Catherine's Church:
This church is nothing special from the outside but the pale blue and white interior is worth a visit for! As is St. Catherine's Church - it's much simpler and plain white but still very pretty. Pictures 3 and 5. And 7 for St. Catherine's Church.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

busy & back

I'm busy and back in Copenhagen! Today I've been to school or studying most of the day and of course, I had my evening class to - which I'll have the next three evenings too. However, I'm looking forward to some good snacking in between classes - for instance I'll probably have a Wednesday Cinnamon Roll and perhaps I'll pop by Nicecream for their lovely vegan ice creams - these two are blueberry and mint.

Monday, March 28, 2016

elbgold goodbye lunch

I can really recommend Elbgold if you're going to Hamburg! It's a really cool place - industrial yet cozy, hipster yet modern and clean... Perfect for Instagramming! Their coffee and food is great too. Here we are, enjoying or last Elbgold macchiatos, tea, Blood Orange Lemonaid and focaccias with different hams and salamis inside. Now we're heading home to Scandinavia after a lovely mini trip to Hamburg. More pics from Hamburg (plus a Hamburg guide) are coming up!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

altes mädchen

Last evening here in Sternschanzen, Hamburg. We headed to the street where all the hip and industrial restaurants are located - Lagerstraße. It has Bullerei, Elbgold, a craft brewery and Altes Mädchen side by side. We all had salads in Altes Mädchen and they were really good - we also tried their beer, which was rather fun since I'm not really a beer expert. I'm a big fan of the little pink casserole one of the salads were served in.

nord coast waffles & coffee

Before heading home tomorrow, we had to visit Nord Coast Coffee Roastery again and have a couple of waffles and some coffee. It's so yummy and quite pretty too. I had a waffle with caramel sauce, my little sister had the one with fruits and syrup and my Mum had a carrot cake. I really recommend this place for breakfast and tea or coffee time!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

café de paris hamburg

We had dinner at Café de Paris, which was very pretty and French. The food was fine - not amazing and I'd probably just go there for coffee and a macaron instead of dining there... Anyway, the old ceilings were beautiful.

hafencity hamburg

IMG_2380IMG_2257IMG_2271IMG_2261Rainy outfit pics from Hamburg. I had (as always) packed very meticulously but unfortunately the weather wasn't ideal for showing off my outfits. Anyway, I thought this outerwear outfit was good enough. I'm wearing my favourite tuxedo trousers, faux Fur, coral coloured YSL lipstick and red and leather details.

Hat: The Kooples.
Faux Fur: Faux.
Cashmere Scarf: Burberry.
Gloves: Primaloft.
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire.
Tuxedo Trousers: Fairy Dust.
Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

Friday, March 25, 2016

twisted rooms

We did a really fun and unusual activity one of the first days here in Hamburg. There's a company called Twisted Rooms that specialises in creating differently themed rooms with different kinds of "missions". The participants are supposed to solve mysteries, find clues and think a lot in order to, for instance, "save the president", which is the one we tried. It was actually lots of fun and teamwork and it was perfect for a rainy Easter afternoon hour in Hamburg. I know that it sounds kind of lame when you describe it, but it's actually fun.

nord coast coffee roastery

We found the perfect spot to enjoy our first breakfast here in Hamburg: Nord Coast Coffee Roastery. It's a super cozy place and the staff is very friendly. The food was super good too - we ordered Latte Macchiatos (very very good), freshly squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs and bread, an Acai bowl (which I've never tried before but didn't really like since I'm not that fond of banana) and a waffle with fresh fruits and syrup. Everything was extremely good and we're probably going back one more time while we're here - for the waffles! It's a perfect place to spend a rainy morning in Hamburg.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

bullerei Hamburg

We arrived here in Hamburg during the late afternoon and went to check in to the hotel. The hotel is quite cool - I'll tell you more about it in another post. Then we went out in Sternschanze where we are staying, to have a look in some shops (which were still open). We didn't get anything because the hipster clothes were all from Denmark or Sweden so we might as well buy it at home... After strolling around the buildings covered in graffiti, we got a table in the Bullerei Deli where we had cocktails (Pimm's Cup, Moscow Mule and Bullerei Style Lemonade) and then burgers. The food was really delicious but you have to book a table in the "actual" restaurant a couple of weeks in advance. I preferred the Deli because there is a lot more on that menu that isn't just lots of meat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

heading to hamburg

After a super busy week (or actually multiple - hence all the food pics) I'm finally having some time off for blogging and photographing. My family and I are heading to Hamburg for Easter, which I really look forward to! I really need a break from the everyday life right now... Anyway, we haven't planned anything particular but I'll let you know how it was. Maybe I'll even post a Hamburg travel guide or something because I find it really helpful to look at blogs and Instagram and stuff before planning where to go and what to do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

opera cake

A pretty cake from this weekend's celebration. We had some relatives over at our place to celebrate my Mum's birthday and we had lunch from K Gränd and this cake is from Fahlmans.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

rag & bone & bertels

My sweet little sister came to visit me in Copenhagen today, which meant a quick round of shopping and sharing a cheesecake at Bertels Saloner. I'm on the lookout for the perfect jeans at the moment. I already have lots of different jeans but I would really like to start wearing jeans from a particular brand. That would be perfect in order to prevent (might be too late though!) me from hauling lots of weird jeans that I'll probably never wear more than once whenever there's a sale on some good brands. Anyway, I've been thinking about Rag & Bone... Do you have any recommendations?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

bread cult

IMG_1542My favourite bread shop in Helsingborg is closing soon! I love their huge levain bread and all sorts of smaller buns. It's all sourdough so it's pretty healthy too - even though it's white flour... Unfortunately, there won't be many more chances to fetch breakfast bread at Bread Cult, which is really sad. So many good restaurants and shops are closing in Helsingborg at the moment, which is such a shame!

Faux Fur: Faux.
Leather Pants: Flying A.
Gloves: Primaloft.
Umbrella: Lisbeth Dahl.
Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

Friday, March 18, 2016

tommi's burger joint kødbyen

My boyfriend joined me in Copenhagen today. We only had one lesson this Friday afternoon so it was lovely to enjoy some lunch, running some errands and doing some shopping before that. I turned in my beloved Burberry jacket for reparation today and I can't wait to get it back again. It's my absolute favourite in between seasons jacket. Anyway, we tried the Danish Tommi's Burger Joint in Kødbyen today but it was actually surprisingly disappointing. I think the Swedish one was a lot better - friendlier staff, better meat in the hamburgers and prettier hamburgers. The sweet potato fries were better here though. Anyway, I'm quite sleepy after a week with the evening classes and starting University at eight o'clock every morning, so I really look forward to a relaxed weekend.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

ice cream sandwich

The vegan ice cream shop Nicecream opened a few days ago and we tried it out between University classes and the extra evening classes we go to at the moment. The ice cream tasted quite nice and they are pretty cute too. We both had the vanilla cookie ice cream and it tasted a bit like coconut (surprise since it's vegan), but I like that. Anyway, I'll definitely be going back because it's super close to school. Perfect for an in between classes ice cream.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

colourful spring roses

Just an Instagram post from the weekend. Don't forget to follow me in IG at: emmaanemone! It feels like spring is finally here. Hopefully, I'll go and try out some ice cream, that I've had my eyes on for a while, soon.

bertels salon & blueberry cheesecake

My sweet little sister came over after school today so we went shopping and shared a piece of Cheesecake from Bertels Salon before heading back for dinner.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

fashion week ss16

ppparis coutureedie campbell lfwnyfwlfwparis couture fwparis couture showsmilano fw
Just thought I'd show some of my fave street style looks from the SS16 fashion weeks around the world... Loving the all black and all brown outfits as well as the grey details and pink/white cute look. I'm basically wearing black all the time right now. Can't wait for spring so I can have bare legs and pretty skirts, cropped fitted pants and dresses.