Monday, February 29, 2016

pretty gift

IMG_9998IMG_9994 My sweet sister is coming home from Bangkok today! This is a present Mum and I got her in Copenhagen last week. I'm in Copenhagen now too but I'll see my sister Tuesday evening. I couldn't resist posting these pictures, though. How cute is the packaging?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

nike internationalist

IMG_0013New Internationalist sneakers from Nike. I really like the pale blue/gray-ish colours. Today I'm catching up on some blogging, you might have noticed that I haven't blogged super frequently but I haven't really been in the mood lately... I hope that's over now though. Anyway, other than blogging, I'm going to study a bit, plan some outfits for the next couple of days and go for a walk soon.

Friday, February 26, 2016

møllers coffee & kitchen

IMG_1100IMG_1074 IMG_1085 IMG_1096 There aren't many ways that are better than starting the day with a delicious brunch in Copenhagen and Møllers Coffee & Kitchen serves one of the best. You order a bunch of small dishes and Møller basically serves breakfast all day long, so it's perfect for sleepy weekend mornings (or afternoons...). Here, I am having freshly squeezed orange juice, latte macchiato, a Belgian waffle, homemade expensive Nutella, bacon, scrambled eggs and bread. I hope you had an as lovely and scrumptious morning as I definitely did!
Earrings: Carré.
Dress: Soaked In Luxury.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

corona chair at arken

IMG_0961 IMG_0965Found these gorgeous Corona chairs by Danish furniture designer Poul M. Volther in Arken Museum. I really, really love the red chair and it even matches my red Burberry cashmere scarf! Perfect place to take a pair of black outfit pictures. Read what I'm wearing below. We went to Arken Museum to see the Gerda Wegener exhibition (the wife of "The Danish Girl") and it was very pretty.

Scarf: Burberry.
Jacket: The Kooples.
Top: Brandy Melville.
Jeans: Dr. Denim Jeansmakers.
Chelsea Boots: Wonders.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

aamanns etablissement

IMG_0795IMG_0837 IMG_0804IMG_0840 IMG_0816 IMG_0845 IMG_0854I had fancy Wednesday lunch with my Mum at Aamanns Etablissement today before quickly going to the University for a few hours. Aamanns Etablissement serves fancy and modern Danish cuisine better known as "smørrebrød". I had shrimps on brioche and then fried plaice on rye bread, with lots of herbs, greens, pickled green tomatoes (they were heavenly) and green "remoulade". With that, I had a raspberry soda and a glass of Cava and my Mum had plaice and herring. The food, the service and settings, well, everything was super good and I was so full when I left for University.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

vanilla milkshakes & silver zippers

IMG_0676I just finished making homemade vanilla milkshakes and now we're picking up my BFF to go and watch "Spotlight". Dressed in black from top to toe, see outfit details below.

Shirt: Alexander McQueen.
Pants: The Kooples.

Friday, February 19, 2016

sushi takeaway & netflix

image1This Friday has been pretty lazy... Kind of charging for a more active weekend but I still have a super annoying cough and I would really love to go for a run or something... Well, well, I just have to wait until I get better! We just had some delicious sushi and a miso soup from Rå Epok for dinner and now I just think I'm going to watch some Netflix before I go to sleep. I hope you've all had a fantastic Friday night!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

red arm candy

armcandyI'm multitasking a bit at the moment, I'm currently writing this post and listening to a lecture at the University. This is the red arm candy that I'm wearing today, from the left: bought in India, Balenciaga, Anni Lu, Burberry watch, Carré chain and another bracelet that I got in India. The black cashmere cardigan is from Club Collection. As you can see, I'm loving red jewellery at the moment, it really spices up an all black, grey or white outfit and it fits really well with my Burberry scarf. I'm not doing much today, I've been at the University most of the day and tonight I'll probably just have some dinner, perhaps study a bit and maybe watch some O.C. I'm also starting to make some plans for the weekend. Have you got any weekend plans yet?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

day off & yellow breakfast

ImageToday I have a day off, which is lovely because I get a lot done and get to relax while doing so. I made polenta porridge for breakfast and had some organic lemonade från Aarstiderne, a passionfruit and a kiwi to go with it. I really adore polenta but it takes a while to prep, so I never eat it unless I have all the time in the world. I've also done my homework for the rest of the week and now I'm going to make a few calls to my doctor and Skodsborg spa, then I'll plan tomorrow's outfit, do my nails, shower and then study a bit more. I'm cooking dinner tonight and after that I think I'm going to go for an evening walk and perhaps stretch a bit afterwards. Those are my not-super-busy-however-pretty-efficient plans for today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

tra la la dior

IMG_0332Pink nails for  the win! I really like this Tra-La-La from Dior but I'll always be YSL at heart... I haven't had the time to take outfit pictures today since I've been to school all day long. But I'll try to do it later this week! I had a levain toast, kiwi, passionfruit and tea for breakfast, then school and now I just got home. I've had a headache all day so I'm going to drink some water, have dinner, relax and probably go to bed early.

Monday, February 15, 2016

inspiration # 59

IMG_7508IMG_0303 IMG_0848 tumblr_mqi88ajBvJ1s5qw8jo1_500Today I'm going to start being healthier! I wanted to start the 1st of January, but since I had lots of exams I though that I wouldn't have that much time to exercise. And studying really requires snacks! Anyway, I'm going to try to drink lots of water, eat more fruits and vegetables and work out more regularly. I usually go for lots of long walks, which I'll continue to do but add some dancing, running, stretching and yoga. I won't skip all unhealthy foods though, I have no problem at all with having popcorn and coke if I go to the cinema or having some candy for a night of Netflix watching. I'll just try to keep all unhealthy snacking to an absolute minimum and only during the weekends or if there's some special occasion... I actually really like the thought of snacking being a sort of luxury. Anyway, here's some fitness inspo for you guys. I actually have the white Indiana Ice bikini from Triangl. Summer 2016, here I come!
P.S. I've started planning the summer and I'm super psyched! Tan, here I come!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

love letters

IMG_0255Happy Valentine's Day Sweethearts! Did you send someone a love letter today? I sent this one and I actually pretty much nailed the lip mark in the first shot... It's made with the perfect red Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

monogrammed moleskine

IMG_9886IMG_9905Look what I received in the mail yesterday; my monogrammed Moleskine calendar! I love the monogram, thanks Moleskine! I've really been missing a calendar so far this year and since my spring schedule is super busy, I'd better have one. So now I'm ready to write all this year's plans in my brand new Moleskine with my beloved LAMY fountain pen. I'm also keeping cozy in my Burberry scarf and drinking freshly pressed blood orange juice (so yummy!). Now I'm heading out for a walk in the late sunny winter weather and then I'll probably do some more planning and studying. I love that my school bag from The Cambridge Satchel Bag Company and my Moleskin sort of match!

Friday, February 12, 2016

polka dots & popcorn

IMG_0082Today has been quite a stressful and long day. I spent all morning and a little of the afternoon at the University, listening to lectures. Then I ran some errands in Copenhagen, dropped off lots of bag, books and stuff before racing to the cinema to watch "Youth", which was not exactly as good as I though. Now I'm in my Victoria's Secret polka dot PJs and I've had popcorn and tea. Love the evening tranquility. Tomorrow I only have one lecture and then I plan on soaking in a hot bath. Who else is excited for the weekend?

nude lips & blonde hair

IMG_0316It's Friday! I'm so excited about this weekend because I don't really have anything that I have to do, so it's completely up to me and the mood of the day haha. I'm thinking that I'll probably bake some sort of cake, go for lots of walks, have slow and cozy Insta breakfasts, watch some O.C. and probably study some Medicine during this weekend. Now I'm going to read a chapter about the Cytoskeleton, have some dinner and then I'll probably have a spa session with lots of lovely Decléor and dye my eyebrows again. I think the colour has faded a bit, but luckily, my eyelash extensions are still going strong! They really are a good investment! Have a lovely weekend everybody! P.S. Anybody have plans for Sunday...?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

iphone selfies & eyelash extensions

IMG_0125 IMG_0131 IMG_0133 IMG_0134_2Hey pretty people! Here's the look of last weekend when I went to Copenhagen to have drinks and dinner. I kept warm and cozy in my faux fur and I wore boots from Notabene and a dress from Sorelle. The quality of the selfies taken with the new iPhone is so good! I'm also super happy that my eyelash extensions still last - hopefully they will last at least for this month. Love not having to apply mascara every day and to despite that, have a dramatic eyelash look. Do you have any recommendations for eyelash salons in Copenhagen? Today I'm just going to relax because tomorrow will be a super busy day!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

illum, zadig & summerbird

IMG_0280IMG_0278 The new Illum is such a pleasure to visit! It was nice before too, but it was way too similar to Magasin and now they've renovated Illum and made it a lot more luxurious, which is something Copenhagen actually really needed in my opinion. I went for a quick round of shopping after I finished University and I picked up lots and lots of scrumptious chocolate in Summerbird and I bought two gorgeous dresses in Zadig & Voltaire. I know you might ask yourself; how can there be two dresses in that tiny package? Well... They're super thin and soft summer dresses in Modal (absolute favourite fabric). I've bought so many of those super thin, sheer and soft summer dresses this winter... I really look forward until I can actually wear them! Anyway, I also got a gorgeous lyocell tee in Zara where I haven't shopped for years even though they occasionally have some pretty things. Now I'll have some tea and a Summerbird chocolate cream puff. Not sure how to say "flødebolle" or "gräddbulle" in English.

mason pearson brush & balmain hair perfume

IMG_9856 IMG_9845 IMG_9843 IMG_9849 IMG_9846IMG_9859I just had dinner after a day at the University. Luckily, I start quite late on Mondays, so I could sleep in this morning. Other than that, I've had a lovely and relaxed weekend and now I'm watching some O.C. before going for a walk and continuing to clean up my room a bit... Well, enough of my interesting Monday! Recently, I've gotten questions about how I've managed to get so long hair without it being super damaged. Well, for starters, I have let it grow for years only cutting it perhaps four times a year (and then I cut off a maximum 4 cm. or so). I have never dyed it, never had highlights done nor even toned my hair, so it's pretty virgin! I also use heat tools on it and blow dry it less than once a month. I've recently started using Natura Siberica shampoo and conditioner, which is super good! Hopefully I can get my hands on a scent called "White Cedar" that smells divine later this week. I also recently started using Bumble & Bumble's Don't Blow It, which is quite nice since I almost never blow dry my hair. I also use Lush's No Drought dry shampoo and  Kérastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt. And then, last but not least, I adore my new Mason Pearson Boar Bristle & Nylon brush and my Balmain Hair Perfume. The Mason Pearson brush is really good at detangling my hair and distributing oil from the scalp throughout the hair, giving it a gorgeous shine. The Balmain Hair Perfume makes hair very shiny too and it has a lovely scent, perfect for finishing off my beauty look!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

koa & condesa

IMG_0141_2IMG_0137_2IMG_0164_2IMG_0170_2 IMG_0189_2 IMG_0188_2 IMG_0172_2Last night was so much fun! We arrived rather late for some shopping, but most of the stores were (to our delight and surprise) still open - probably because of fashion week... Anyway, since we were going for dinner and cocktails, we didn't want to carry any shopping bags so I put two cute and minimalistic summer dresses to the side in Zadig & Voltaire and I also found a gorgeous V-neck lyocell tee in Zara, that I'll perhaps buy. Is it possible to have too many black tees? After the shopping, we went to Café Norden for a quick latte macchiato before heading to KOA where we had two Storm Coolers and truffle popcorn. Everything was really good! We had a late dinner reservation at Condesa, which is the place we headed to next. We shared a Paloma (tequila, grape fruit soda, lime and salt) pitcher and had tostadas, ceviche, tacos and french fries. Everything was really good and quite cheap! Afterwards, we went home, which was a great decision since I'm feeling very fresh today and I have lots of stuff to do. I'm wearing a new wine red velvet Sorelle dress, which is unfortunately not so visible in the picture of me. But I promise that I'll wear it another time for some better photos. Beauty pics are coming up later though!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

vitamin boost breakfast

IMG_9827 IMG_9828 IMG_9836I woke up this morning with a small cold so I figured that I'd have some tropical fruits for breakfast, that'd hopefully give me a vitamin boost and fight off the cold! I also slept for as long as I could today, which is pure bliss, because I feel really rested despite the cold. Now we're going for a walk in the grey and rainy weather outside and afterwards I'm going to shower and prepare myself for tonight. My BFF and I are hitting Copenhagen for dinner and drinks, which will be so much fun! The healthy breakfast/brunch consists of organic lemonade, Prince Vladimir Kusmi tea, kiwi, blood orange, passionfruit and mango.