Saturday, December 31, 2016

cheers to 2017

Happy New Year! Thanks for following me this year! It's been a super busy but fun and challenging year! I hope 2017 is going to be just a little more chill. I think moving in to my apartment will save me quite a lot of time! I hope you have fun plans tonight, I'm going to a party with my boyfriend and if I know myself right, I'll probably forget to take pictures...

Friday, December 30, 2016

christmas amaryllis

Here's another pretty flower in our house that we got from my Mum's friend who has a gorgeous garden boutique. I don't think I've ever seen an Amaryllis this red before, pretty impressed that my camera was able to take the pic.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

burberry christmas

I completely forgot to show you one of the gifts I bought my boyfriend this Christmas! When I opened the mailbox (which was golden on the inside btw) I instantly regretted not getting myself a Burberry present for Christmas... It's so gorgeous and over the top perfect. On the inside there were a pair of boxer shorts in the classic Burberry check.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

grey burberry skirt & weather

IMG_4228IMG_4234I slept in today because I didn't feel very good last night when I went to bed. I felt fresh enough this morning though, so I studied a bit. I've also been for two walks today and picked up a package from H&M. I haven't worn my grey Burberry skirt for ages so I thought I'd dress up today and give you guys an outfit pic even though I'm not doing anything special. See outfit details below. I have to go back to studying and eating oranges.

Hat: Club Collection.
Sunglasses: Fendi.
Faux Fur: Faux.
Top: Rosemunde.
Skirt: Burberry.
Tights: Falke.
Boots: Uggs.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

white lilies & orchids

We went to my Grandparents' place today to have Christmas lunch and give each other presents, which was lovely. I got a pink Smeg water kettle and a tall white Peugeot salt grinder - both things have been on my wish list and I'm really happy for them! After being at their place for most of the afternoon, we drove to my apartment to install my butterfly chair (which proved to be quite difficult) and then we drove back home again. I'm pretty sleepy after driving back and forth, so now I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. We found some pretty white orchids on the way back home. I got two and I'm think I'll put them in my bedroom windows (I have three so the Kartell lamp will fit perfectly in the middle window...). Here's a little assembly of white lamps and flowers (lilies and orchids) in our bay windows at home. I really like the white Christmas star.

Monday, December 26, 2016

agent provocateur lorna

IMG_4171IMG_4173IMG_4179IMG_4182IMG_4193IMG_4201IMG_4202I just got home from having coffee with my beloved and missed BFF. We haven't seen each other in ages and it was so nice to finally catch up! Anyway, here's what my sweet boyfriend got me for Christmas. It's the Lorna lingerie set in nude and white and I really adore it! I love, love, love the Agent Provocateur packaging too, it's so pretty and luxurious. And AP has a sale on the website right now that I'd recommend you to check out! We bought the set when I was in London (I didn't open it until Christmas Eve though) and I've wished for it for a really long time. I think it's so cute and romantic. More of my Christmas presents are coming up along the way, so stay tuned! I'm bringing a classic design chair that I bought not too long ago to my apartment tomorrow. I'm really excited about it but now I have to go and study. There's supposed to be a storm this evening so I better charge my Mac now haha (scary)!

P.S. Thanks Darling.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

christmas morning 2016

I hope you all woke up full and content and had a lovely Christmas last night. I got some lovely gifts that I'll blog about later on (we open them on the evening of the 24th of December here in Scandinavia). I got many pretty and practical things for my new apartment, makeup and lots of Japanese things that my sister brought from her travels. I slept in a little bit today and then I went downstairs to have some breakfast, study and then I went for a long walk. Now I'm watching "Elf" and then I'm taking a long hot bath.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

merry christmas 2016

Merry Christmas dear readers! (I had to add the 2016 in the caption even though it looks a little ugly because I hate when my blog posts have the same name...) Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas today or tomorrow. We're celebrating Christmas today and now we're off for a walk in the not-so-christmassy weather. Then we're going to make chocolate confections, prep some Danish Christmas food (roast pork, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage, risalamande, cherry sauce) and then we're singing Christmas carols and dancing around the tree. It feels like we're the only family still doing that but it's such a nice tradition! The Christmas tree we decorated turned out very well in my opinion, we always opt for a Disney styled Christmas tree. And then we're opening the presents! My sister brought so many Japanese gifts that I'm really excited about. I also look forward to see people's reactions when they open my gifts, hopefully they'll be happy (but you never know lol). Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2016

club petanque les copines

Now that my sister's home again, I got some things that she got for me months ago. I've been wanting this sweatshirt from Club Petanque, which is a really cool French brand (I also got a pink cap) for a really long time and she found it in "Another Story" in EmQuartier! I've been looking for it for such a long time. I can really picture it with some white shorts/jeans or some pretty dark blue Rag & Bone jeans. I can't believe it's Christmas tomorrow, it feels like December has gone by super fast! Now we're off to find our Christmas tree and then we're decorating it.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

black clothes & white marble

IMG_3587image1Pics from last night's outfit. I haven't worn lipstick in like forever, which is really weird because I love it. I'll try to post some nice Christmas outfits soon. Today I had my last day of school (it's kind of ironic and not as stress freeing as it would seem because I have to study all of my 10 day Christmas break). Now, I'm just relaxing and updating my blog. I think I'm going to bed early today because I have a headache. And tomorrow we're fixing lots and lots of Christmas stuff! We are going to buy our Christmas tree, decorate it, make chocolate confectionary and wrap the last presents... I really look forward to it! Love christmassy stuff.

Choker: Brandy Melville.
Dress: French Connection.
Tights: Sneaky Fox.
Boots: Uggs.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

taryn simon

Today my boyfriend left to celebrate Christmas with his family in Sälen. And I went to Denmark with mine to switch a skin that I got for a new piece of design furniture: the butterfly chair, do some Christmas shopping and go to Louisiana to see the Louise Bourgeois, Daniel Richter and Taryn Simon. My personal favourite of the three was Taryn Simon. Probably because I really like photography and I thought that the small stories of weird American happenings and places were really intriguing. Afterwards we had dinner at Louisiana, which is really nice.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

tuesdays in copenhagen

I was literally in school all day today and now I'm on my way home. There are still pretty flowers all over Copenhagen, which I find really pretty. I'm going to see the new Star Wars movie with my boyfriend tonight and I'm a little afraid that I'll fall asleep!

Monday, December 19, 2016

gasoline grill burgers

And we're done! Yesterday was super exciting and I had so much fun moving (probably in part because I didn't have to do all the heavy lifting - I left that to my boyfriend and Mum because I'm rather weak)! We hired the truck, drove to IKEA and Åhlens to buy some stuff and then we drove to my Grandparents' place to pick up a British antique mahogany table that they gave me (I really think it's beautiful and I'll definitely show it to you some day, perhaps I'll do a post about how I've decorated my apartment when I'm more established). Then we drove into Copenhagen and I went to get burgers from Gasoline Grill because we were all really hungry at that point. We carried all of the stuff up to my apartment, which was a bit of a challenge - particularly my Stingray chair, the new IKEA couch and the mahogany table. But we succeeded and we even had time to build the couch and my new desk. It's really cozy already and the colours are super pretty too! I'm in school now so I better go back to focusing on the lesson. I can't wait until tonight though, because my little sister is finally coming home from three months in Bangkok! I've missed her so much and finally I'm getting my Copenhagen partner in crime back! Can't wait to celebrate Christmas this year and do lots of Christmas stuff together!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

nocturnal animals by tom ford

nocturnal animals
We watched Tom Ford's new movie Nocturnal Animals last night and it was really, really good! I couldn't find any good picture to post with this post - I wanted an interior still with a big chrome coloured Jeff Koons dog but I just couldn't find it anywhere! Anyway, the movie was very aesthetic and actually super exciting (and perhaps a bit scary too, I found myself clinging to my boyfriend's arm for a rather long while). Definitely an emotion stirrer! I will not tell you more about the movie because I really think you should go and see it! Today is my big moving day! We've hired a rather large truck and we're moving some stuff into my apartment. I'm really excited to see everything that I bought inside the apartment! Hopefully it will be gorgeous!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

christmas baking & a little present

The Christmas Party was really fun last night! I forgot to take a picture of my outfit but then I'll just recreate it some other day... I'm on my way to my boyfriend's family's annual Christmas baking preparations and I'm bringing them this pretty little white flower. Christmas baking is really cozy but I'm not a fan of many of the products such as marzipan and dark chocolate. However, I love "knäck", which is a Swedish caramel with almond bits in it that has the shape of a petite muffin. And I also really like "lussekatter", which is more like a bun in the shape of an S with saffron inside. Anyway, tonight we're going to see Tom Ford's new movie (SO excited!) and I think it's going to be really aesthetic and a bit creepy! I'll tell you more about it later if it's worth watching!

Friday, December 16, 2016

mad & kaffe

Image 1Image 2Image 3
Omg, I've been so busy the last couple of days! I've worked two evening shifts in different hospitals and I've had really early meetings set up! So there hasn't been much sleep the last couple of days! Today I didn't really get to sleep in because I had a little meeting in my new apartment. However, I got to go to bed after the meeting and sleep a couple of hours before my boyfriend arrived. Then we went to Mad & Kaffe (Food & Coffee in English). It has won "Copenhagen's best brunch" a couple of times. And I must say that it was really good (and Christmassy this time of year!). It's a lot like Wulff + Konstali and Møllers Kaffe & Køkken in my opinion and I'm a big fan of ordering set menus where you decide what goes in the set. I had blood orange with sugar, risalamande, rice pudding, bacon and scrambled eggs with mushrooms. And with that I got a huge jar of freshly pressed orange juice and a single shot latte of course. So yummy! Now I'm going to school, chill with my boyfriend and then I'm going to a Christmas Party with my fellow University students, which will be lots of fun! I'll try to take an outfit picture but I'll probably forget or be too cold!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

yves saint laurent wall

Today has been a rather nice day! Last night I went to the last part of my course in the central nervous system, which was quite sad since it's been really good. Anyway, I slept in and then I went to school to go to a lecture and then we had lab work. A pretty standard day, except for the fact that I've gotten a confirmation (I hope) on where my medical internship is going to be! And I learned that I have a week off in December! And my last exam for next semester is pretty early so I get to go to Bornholm and attend my cousin's wedding and have some vacation! This morning was full of good news! I'm working the next couple of nights, so I'll have to dream about all the fancy things I want and all the time I have off soon... I can't believe that Christmas is Saturday next week! It's so crazy! Luckily, I've got all of my Christmas presents organized already. How about you?

Monday, December 12, 2016

christmas wish list 2016

smegfind_code_yellow_stripeFreesia_candle190_bdaquazurra wild thing sandal
I don't think I have too many male readers but I decided to make this post anyway - it could also be for girls not knowing what to wish for... So, this is a fraction of my wish list for Christmas this year. I've already gotten some gorgeous presents but I haven't had the time to take any pictures of them yet (and they are wrapped so technically, I guess, I'm not really allowed to open them until Christmas). Since I've recently gotten an apartment, I wish for some interior things - like this over-the-top-cute pink water kettle from Smeg (I'm also planning to get a pink Smeg fridge but more about that later on) and the Freesia Diptyque Paris scented candle. The apartment smells a lot like fresh paint at the moment and I find that rather nice but perhaps it'll be more "homely" with some other scent. I'd also very much like the yellow Commes des Garcons striped shirt, it is really cute! Yellow is normally not my fave colour but I find this shirt really summery, bright and fresh. And to another wish that season-wise is rather inappropriate; the Wild Thing sandals in red suede from Aquazurra. They are just so dreamy! I'm going to work a couple of evenings this week, so I'll probably not be blogging but I might save some of the money for these babes! Now I'll have to do some work on a report... I'd like to do a post about what to get your boyfriend for Christmas but since my greatest ideas are things that I've gotten for mine, it'll probably spoil the surprise if I blog about it...

Sunday, December 11, 2016

first time at bronnum

Image 2
My boyfriend and I went to Brønnum last night (for the first time) to have a cocktail before going home. I had to go the course again today, so we couldn't really stay up late last night. Anyway, I live pretty close to Brønnum (which is located just on Kgs. Nytorv) so I've figured that it'll probably be my standard cocktail bar. It's close to my apartment, the interior design is amazing and the cocktails were really good too! I had the orange one, which was called "Seas of Change" and it was a champagne and tequila cocktail with lemon and buckthorn. My boyfriend got the (girly) cocktail "Bella Vista", which was cranberry, vodka and some other stuff (not a Cosmo though). It was pretty full, so we had to stand up but that was fine since we just had these two drinks. Definitely going back! Their cocktail menu looked really good and it was actually pretty difficult to decide on a cocktail. So I'll have to go back to try some more. Right now, I'm at my Grandparent's place and waiting for dinner (I'm really hungry) and then I'm going to take a shower, check Insta and go to sleep probably.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

christmas shopping in illum

Image 1
I had to wake up pretty early today to go to an extra course that I'm taking in neurology. It was really good but I was really sleepy when I got back to my apartment! Luckily, my boyfriend was there to cheer me up so we went to Illum to do some Christmas shopping. And H&M Home - unfortunately they didn't have the pillows I wanted, which was super annoying... Anyway, we had a really nice time. It's super cozy in Copenhagen with lots of Christmas decorations everywhere and weirdly, it's still pretty warm outside..

Friday, December 09, 2016

fat burger & curly fries

I was just so disappointed today because my boyfriend and I were going to get burgers from a place called Gasoline Grill and I really had been looking forward to it all day! But just as we were checking out their menu, we noticed that they had closed 15 minutes ago because they were out of burgers. So annoying. Instead we walked over to Copenhagen Street Food and this Fat burger quenched my burger thirst (if such a thing exists) and the curly fries were really good... Sorry I'm not taking more outfit pics. I'm just sort of in between three homes and it's pretty difficult planning something out of the ordinary because then I'd have to carry a suitcase with me all the time... I promise that more is coming up when I get a little more settled down - or at least more interior pics are coming up!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

jeans project

I have to buy new jeans soon, which is a pretty big project for me. I haven't really bought any recently because I think it's the most annoying item to try on ever when I'm out shopping... Because I usually fit all (except for when the leg length is not adjustable) - but I'm not really sure which ones fit well. I need to buy two pairs, basic black and blue ones. Most of the jeans I've bought so far are pretty cheap and they've been pretty good but now, the black ones are fading and I'm thinking about getting a pair of Iro og Rag & Bone Jeans. Those brand make their jeans look really appetising when arranged in the store. But the thing about jeans is that I never really know if they are going to be favourites until I get to wear them a couple of times, wash them etc. We'll see. Perhaps I'll try a pair this weekend because I'm spending it in Copenhagen with my boyfriend. Pic is Abbey Lee Kershaw's DIY project for Rag & Bone.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

dior & roses

 I've been utterly efficient today too! Lots of practical stuff has to be fixed before I can move into my new apartment but I promise that I won't bore you all with the details. I ordered some beauty stuff too - nothing too fun just the basics. I got some more eyebrow dye, Burt's Bees lip balms and some eye cream. I love it when it feels like I've had a really efficient day! I've been missing London pretty much today actually. I'm British by heart but I would have loved to walk around and discover the pretty city even more. And I miss shopping too...

Monday, December 05, 2016

no makeup & long blonde hair

Monday again and I'm back in school. I start early morning all week but today I got to sleep in a little, which was particularly nice because my boyfriend is home again. Anyway, I haven't really been up to much else than studying and taking some selfies in the "good lightning spot". My hair is really long now, it almost reaches my butt. My little sister is coming home soon so hopefully I can convince her to cut it a little... I'm not wearing any makeup in the picture, which is so lovely. Love it when my skin is so nice so I don't want to wear foundation and concealer.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

frederiksdals christmas market

ImageImage 4Image 1Image 2
We went to Frederiksdals Christmas Market today, which sort of is a tradition in my family. I really appreciate it because it's always very cozy and pretty, there is delicious food and pretty nice things to buy. We bought sourdough bread and juniper berry must (which is pretty close to Swedish Christmas must) as always. We also walked around the farm and the country house where they have decorated the house with both new and old style Christmas decorations. Now, we're off to the neighbour's for some Christmas porridge and Swedish "glögg".

Saturday, December 03, 2016

magasin du nord sunset

Image 5
I thought I'd just check in quickly! I'm in the metro on my way to the airport to pick up my boyfriend. His semester is over so he has almost all of December off (yes, I'm pretty jealous!)! So I'm really excited. My Mum also met up with me in Copenhagen today to help me fix some practical apartment things. Then we had a not so successful lunch (the food was pretty weird) and then we went shopping a bit. I bought 12 whiskey glasses from Nachtmann that I've been looking for and I found them on sale in a pop-up shop! Really lucky! Now I'm carrying them to the airport and back to the apartment. My boyfriend hasn't seen it yet, so I really look forward to show it to him! Then we're probably ordering some Gorm's pizza, I'm really craving the chévre and potato pizza bianca. I worked last night and had to get up pretty early today as well so I look forward to sleeping in with my love tomorrow morning. I wish you all an amazing weekend!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

burberry bicester village

I just deleted some outfit pics of a really cute outfit (you can only see the pale pink Joseph slacks in these pictures though) because the quality was pretty poor (iPhone pictures and bad lightning). Anyway, I'm wearing the grey Kenzo sweatshirt too but I might show it all to you in a later post with some better pictures. Bicester Village was really lovely with Christmas decorations and everything and I finally got my beloved black Paddington Coat from Burberry too. It really was a terrific day! And happy first of December to all of you! I already adore December but there are so many lovely things happening in December this year. My boyfriend is coming home, then I'm finally getting the keys to my apartment and then my sweet little sister is coming home after four months in Bangkok!