Friday, April 05, 2013

april food in bistro g

We had dinner at Gastro this evening to celebrate my Dad's birthday. It was delicious! You can see what we had below, everything was extremely good.

What did we eat? From above: 1. Deep fried cod loin, crudité of spring vegetables and sauce tartar. 2. Glazed white asparagus, wild garlic, lump fish roe, quails egg, chive beurre-blanc and 36 month Pata negra. 3. 36 month Pata negra pan con tomate. 4. "Salt in bocca" on veal sirloin, green asparagus, fresh potatoes and olives from Nice, baked tomatoes, parmesan and red wine sauce. 5. Lobster and scallop ravioli, ragout of green peas, artichoke, Swedish squid, soya beans, pancetta and lemon scented lobster foam. 6. Baked rhubarbs, mascarpone and white chocolate mousse, crème of pistachio and rhubarb sorbet. 7. Variation of seasonal berries, blackberry ice cream and blueberries in texture.

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