Sunday, November 01, 2015

hubertus hunt & gallop

IMG_8346IMG_8347IMG_8366IMG_8373 IMG_8370 IMG_8383I just got home from a day outside. First, we went to see the Hubertus Hunt in "Dyrehaven", near the Hermintage Hunting Lodge, where the horses jumped over different obstacles and rode through water and stuff (yeah, I'm very familiar with the Hubertus Hunt lingo...). The horses chased "foxes" too (not real foxes though but two equestrians that were representing foxes). Then we went to a gallop horse race and it was quite impressive! Everything was impressive and the horses and hunter's suits were so beautiful! It was scary too though, two of the equestrians fell off their galloping horses and the ambulance had to come and get them to the hospital. Other than that, it has been a magnificent (and surprisingly warm) day.

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