Tuesday, November 10, 2015

snack a jacks

IMG_8452I've been eating caramel Snack A Jacks all weekend - I really, really love them and my sweet boyfriend brought me some from the UK. Usually they are more crisp sized but these caramel rice cakes are scrumptious as well. I really like rice cakes in general, they're relatively filling and low in calories, not too heavy, easy to bring although crumbly and usually there are many nice tastes (however, I do not like some of the Swedish ones that taste like pizza or cheese - not fresh!) such as Irmas rice cakes with tastes like wild rice, quinoa, corn etc. But these Snack A Jack rice cakes are out of this world. I've been to school and taken a walk today and now I'm going to shower, clean a little bit and do some homework.

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