Sunday, April 09, 2017

dining space

I bought these ranunculus a while ago but they still look really cute (I think I got them like 14 days ago!?). This is a little corner of my apartment - the dining space. I bought the Kartell Louis Ghost Chairs designed by Phillippe Starck and the Bourgie Table lamp and I'm so happy for both. I've been wanting them like forever! I got the over the top gorgeous mahogany table from my Grandparents and I love the mix of antique mahogany and quite modern Louis XV style plexiglass chairs. And I added the sheepskin to make it all a little bit more Scandi. Now I just need to try and get a glass plate for the table made, so I need to man up and call somebody who might be able to do that... Today we haven't really been up to that much; we've studied, went for a long walk in the sunshine, went to the gym, had dinner and I just tried out my Dior Hydra Life products after the shower! They were so comfortable, luxe and my skin looks really pretty now.

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