Sunday, April 30, 2017

walpurgis night in stockholm

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We've been quite lucky with our trip to Stockholm because it coincides with the King's birthday and Walpurgis night. Tonight is Walpurgis night and we went down to the old city centre to see the bonfire and feel some Walpurgis night vibes. Afterwards, we went to the skybar of our hotel to have cocktails. I had this huge one with raspberry and vodka that was really good. We've been out and about today. We started with going to the King's birthday, which was actually pretty fun to see. Then we went to Rosendals Gardens to have some cakes and take a walk in the beautiful surroundings. Pictures are coming up of that in the following week I hope! It has been a pretty fairytale Sunday. I'm happy that we also have tomorrow in Stockholm because we're having such a good time! Love travelling with my Mum (we're just missing my little sister!)!

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