Saturday, April 01, 2017

black lace & leather

IMG_4697IMG_4690IMG_4696IMG_4694IMG_4701IMG_4706Just checking in - I'm so sleepy and full! We just had some sushi after watching Beauty & The Beast, which was pretty good. I would have preferred if the Beast and Gaston had ben more handsome though... We watched it in one of my favourite cinemas in Copenhagen - Palads, which is a huge colourful "palace". I've watched most Disney movies there as a child, so that's why I love it. Other than that, I bought a new vase today that I'll show you later and I went to yoga, which was really tough. I think I fell asleep afterwards during the meditation time... We also went for a walk in the stunning Copenhagen weather! It has almost been summery today so I though I'd take my New Balance sneaks for 1st of April spin. Well, now I'm going to watch some Dexter before I roll to bed. For outfit details, please see below.

Sunglasses: Dior.
Dress: H&M.
Leather Jacket: Calvin Klein Jeans.
Bag: Zadig & Voltaire.
Tights: Falke.
Sneakers: New Balance.

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