Saturday, May 06, 2017

baby blue & cinnamon bun

Image 5
It's actually such a shame that I didn't take any pictures today (picture proof?) because the weather has been amazing! I could actually tan in a bikini for some hours in the middle of the day! We've been pretty unfortunate with the weather this spring so far so today was pretty major! Anyway, I've been doing all sorts of practical things with my Mac and my iPhone (trying to clear up some space), tanning and going for a long walk. My Mum and I even grilled Norwegian lobster and asparagus for dinner. First time barbecuing  this year! Now we're going to watch some Dexter and then I'm off to bed. Oh, and this picture is from our trip home from Stockholm. I travelled in a new sweat two piece from Brandy Melville in the cutest baby blue colour (perfect flight outfit - am I right?) and of course accompanied by a humongous cinnamon bun from Saturnus, which is a pretty famous café in Stockholm.

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