Monday, May 01, 2017

pom & flora

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We had lunch at the famous Pom & Flora today and I can definitely see why it's so popular. The menu is extensive and interesting. They basically serve all kinds of healthy meals at a very reasonable price. The staff was super friendly and the interior was lovely too. I ordered a ricotta bowl with lemon curd, lavender honey, sesame, dried apricots and pollen and it was so delicious! My Mum went bananas (literally) and ordered a banana bread and a so called banana split that was basically bananas with whipped Greek yoghurt and coconut flakes. It was delicious too but perhaps a little too much banana for my taste (I can handle about 1-2 bananas per year). We had pink lemonade with ginger too and latte macchiatos too of course. The ginger lemonade was super delicious. Afterwards, we went for a walk and went back to the hotel to go for an afternoon swim. The weather is still amazing here. By the way, I'm wearing an off the shoulder top that my sweet little sister got me from Bangkok and I love it! Thanks!

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