Saturday, August 15, 2015

frog prince

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! Frog Prince from Queen Lipstick by Poppy! I saw this a while ago and thought it was really cool! Then I  found a retailer in Stockholm called "Cow Parfymeri" when I was there by coincidence. Unfortunately it was all sold out so I ordered it now that it was back in stock on the website. I tried it on in the boutique and once it touches the lips - it turns into a lightly shiny rosebud pink colour, which is just the type of lipstick that I want for everyday use. The lipstick reacts according to the ph-value of the lips of each person and therefore the colour looks different and very flattering on everyone. I look forward to wearing it! It contains E-vitamin and shea butter too so I hope it really softens and mousturizes my lips. Then it will probably my one of my eternal favourites! I'll keep you posted!

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