Wednesday, August 12, 2015

la grande finale at boulebar

After trying to fix some practical stuff, strolling and buying Ginger Beer with chilli for my Mum, we went to Boulebar to have tea and a small selection of desserts called "La Grande Finale". We both had green tea and we shared the ice cream, crème brûlée and chocolate cake and truffle. It was very nice and it was a perfect day to relax outside of Boulebar and enjoy the weather and unusual silence. Unfortunately, there's not a super good picture of my outfit, but I'll try to take a picture of it another time. The top is a new in from Brandy Melville and I'm loving the cut! I think it's a perfect party top that you can dress up or down quite easily.

Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Jewellery: Carré & Bing Bang NYC Jewellery.
Top: Brandy Melville.

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