Thursday, August 06, 2015

garage bar

We went to Garage Bar in Höganäs this evening to have dinner at Garage Bar. The concept was super cool! It's greasy yet gourmet "Junk Food Royale" in a rustic garage with lots of Harleys, bikers and noise. I had the California Classic Burger and fries - the burger was probably the best I've ever had! I also had a vanilla milk shake and a Margarita. My boyfriend had the 5 $ milkshake (remember that from Pulp Fiction?). It actually tasted quite well, it was vanilla milkshake with Jack Daniels, which in my opinion gave it a delicious caramel twist. I'm definitely going to Garage Bar again!

Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Jewellery: Brandy Melville & Bing Bang NYC Jewellery.
Top: Rosemunde.

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