Thursday, December 17, 2015

pret a manger & le pain quotidien

IMG_6960 IMG_6699Just a couple of pictures from my absolute favourite places to eat in London. Le Pain Quotidien is a bit more comfortable and homely, so it's a place where you can sit, eat and relax. They have great sandwiches and even lovelier bowls of coffee and cakes. We had a brownie and a pavlova and they were both delicious. Pret A Manger is lovely too, it's faster so it's quite practical for busy (shopping) days in London. They serve natural and healthy food with no additives. I'm particularly a fan of their baguettes, their tuna melt toast and the crayfish and avocado salad. They also have bags of popcorn and smaller treats like that, which is always a win. Now I'm having lunch and then I'm heading for a latte macchiato and chats with my BFF.

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