Wednesday, December 09, 2015

sunny december sightseeing

IMG_9140 IMG_9155 IMG_9162 IMG_9170IMG_9151 IMG_9194IMG_9184Another compilation. Here are the things that we saw when sightseeing a bit the last day here in London. I've been to London so many times but it feels sort of mandatory to go back and see some of the landmarks again. The only big  landmark that I don't think I've seen is Tower... I really have to go there some day but shopping is always so time consuming! Anyway, from above: Buckingham Palace, pink Pelicans in Buckingham Palace Gardens, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace Gardens and the Christmas decorations on Regent Street. The area around Regent Street and Bond Street definitely is THE place to shop in London. The last picture is just the Union Jack and some pretty buildings. We're going home today but I still have lots to post!

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