Thursday, March 24, 2016

bullerei Hamburg

We arrived here in Hamburg during the late afternoon and went to check in to the hotel. The hotel is quite cool - I'll tell you more about it in another post. Then we went out in Sternschanze where we are staying, to have a look in some shops (which were still open). We didn't get anything because the hipster clothes were all from Denmark or Sweden so we might as well buy it at home... After strolling around the buildings covered in graffiti, we got a table in the Bullerei Deli where we had cocktails (Pimm's Cup, Moscow Mule and Bullerei Style Lemonade) and then burgers. The food was really delicious but you have to book a table in the "actual" restaurant a couple of weeks in advance. I preferred the Deli because there is a lot more on that menu that isn't just lots of meat.

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