Wednesday, March 09, 2016

wednesday cinnamon roll

onsdagssneglHey sweeties! Sorry for not blogging in a while - I've been tremendously busy! I've started going to evening classes, which are pretty fun but very time consuming too... Anyway, here's what I'm having now, after University, while I'm waiting for my evening class. I went to the bakery "Skt. Peders Bageri" and it was completely chaotic. I ended up waiting half an hour for my cinnamon roll, but it was totally worth it (as you can probably see and imagine)! They only bake them on Wednesdays so they are a quite a big thing! The nail polish is Yves Saint Laurent 69 Love Pink. I have to cut my nails short for the weekend due to the course... Please scroll back! I'm blogging backwards again. And stay tuned, I'm in for a pretty exciting weekend (hint: outfit pics).

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