Tuesday, May 24, 2016

inspiration # 60

I have so much to look forward to so that's what I'm day dreaming about these sort of tough and stressful days where I have tons of work to do. It'll be my sister's birthday tomorrow, my birthday the day after (it's weird that our birthdays are right next to each other even though she's two years younger than me - I know) and then there's her graduation celebrations. After that I have a couple of more exams and then I'm travelling to Bangkok with my sweet little sister and BFF, then my sister and I are going on a surprise trip with my Dad, then my boyfriend's coming to Bangkok and then I'll probably travel to Palma with my family. It's going to be busy but wonderful. I love the feeling of freedom that summer entails! I'll probably also try to squeeze in a little trip to Bornholm and Tisvildeleje.

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