Wednesday, April 27, 2016

bicester village & the burberry life

IMG_5363IMG_5408IMG_5333IMG_5383IMG_5352Oh Gosh I'm getting a huge shopping craving while watching these photographs from my little London trip! Anyway, we went shopping just outside of Oxford, in Bicester, which is a cute little outlet village. These pictures are from the beginning of the Bicester day. I also got something in Burberry for my boyfriend's birthday gift, unfortunately I didn't find anything that I wanted this time but I'm kind of planning to get a jacket if I go to Oxford next autumn (which I hopefully will!). At this point I had gotten two thick classic shirts in Ralph Laurent and my gorgeous Gucci wallet (which kind of matched my outfit).

Sunglasses: Tom Ford.
Shirt: Bruuns Bazaar.
Faux Fur: Ilse Jacobsen.
Bag: LV.
Skirt: Norr Copenhagen.
Boots: Ilse Jacobsen.

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