Wednesday, April 06, 2016

serenity cupcakes & coffee

My best friend joined me for some after school shopping and coffee-ing in Copenhagen yesterday, which was lots of fun - as usual! I didn't buy anything, though. I'm feeling quire uninspired by the stuff in stores at the moment and more like going crazy shopping online... Apropos online shopping, I've ordered some things that might arrive this weekend! I'm going to show you ASAP. I really can't wait for everything to arrive! I also have to buy some new Adidas Superstar in white that I'll use for work (which I'll probably start quite soon - scary but super exciting!) this weekend. The pictures are from the cute little Serenity Cupcakes café that is my go to place in Copenhagen for some cozy girl talk, coffee and delicious cupcakes. Luckily, there was just one free table and only two cupcakes left; Lady in Red, they were really good and I'm actually happy that I was forced to try something else than my favourite Chocolate O'Dream cupcake...

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