Thursday, June 09, 2016

rhubarb cocktails

IMG_2012rhubarbcocktailsIMG_2016I'm multitasking in school at the moment; solving Genetics questions and blogging. Tonight I'm going to work and I only have two shifts left and then I'm done for the summer! I really can't wait until Sunday afternoon when I'm officially done! And then I'm going straight into studying mode... Luckily I'm going to a party tomorrow night, so hopefully you'll get some good outfit pictures anyway. These pics are from my sister's graduation dinner. We had lovely pre-dinner cocktails in the outdoor lounge at Bantorget 9 and I bet I wrote about them before, but here they are. They were rhubarb/champagne and rhubarb/gin cocktails and it's the first time I actually ever enjoyed a gin cocktail. I'm wearing a new dress and my beloved new So Real sunnies from Dior.

Sunglasses: Dior.
Dress: Copenhagen Luxe.
Jewellery: Carré, Maanesten & Chanel.

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