Wednesday, June 01, 2016

ysl fusion ink cushion foundation

I got this gorgeous foundation today! I've been looking so much forward to receiving it because it's not even available yet - only in Asia. My Father got home today and he brought me this (plus my fave Tarte mascara but I've probably taken pictures of that before). Before, I was using the regular YSL ink foundation, which is basically my holy grail foundation. It has buildable coverage - I'd say medium with one layer and it's matte. I'm not a fan of the "dewy look" because it really makes you look sweaty in all flash images. This reinvention of the fusion ink foundation in a little cushion box (which is also fabulous) is super practical as I can refresh without getting my hands dirty (and my face). It's still the same foundation but in prettier and more practical packaging. I highly recommend it and I'm definitely getting more of these babies when I'm hitting Bangkok this summer. It's launching in Europe stores in September (and I couldn't possibly wait for that to happen). Can't wait to hit the YSL beauty flagship store in EmQuartier!

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