Monday, March 27, 2017

h&m bikini haul

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I'm still back home because I had today off  (such a nice start of the week). I went for a long walk, had dinner with my Mum down in the North Harbour where we had salads from Holy Greens and went shopping. H&M have their bikinis in store and they are usually very affordable and pretty. I got these two - the pale paisley one is definitely my favourite but the other one is pretty cute too. Not colours I usually wear but I really like that you can turn it inside out and use it both ways (perfect for mini trips without too much luggage). My experience is that the good H&M bikinis go pretty quickly so if I were you I'd hurry up and go and get the bikinis I want... This week I'm starting my healthy summer bod life so wish me luck! Buying bikinis and some skincare items are quite motivational for me in regards to staying healthy.

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