Tuesday, March 07, 2017

inspiration # 70

Good evening! I'm currently studying physiology and I'm not done yet... Here's a little inspo post since I'm not doing anything too fun or blog-worthy today. I really love wearing oversized hoodies and I can't wait until it's cap weather too! But Copenhagen is freezing today and I'm afraid it's going to snow tomorrow (pretty but I'm definitely more in the mood for spring). I'm also adoring the "boxed roses" interior trend - particularly white roses in a velvety pink box! Love that combo. My Instagram is full of incredible outfit posts from Paris Fashion Week and I'm wondering why I'm sitting at home studying and not strolling around between shows and hip restaurants. There are way too many tempting Gucci and Chanel bags everywhere on Insta right now... And last but not least, I really love pictures of lips. I'd really love a pale pink picture like this one (it would be perfect for my living room - hint to my Mum). I really like the sort of abstract and wide brush strokes that come together to form a mouth.

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