Sunday, January 10, 2016


IMG_7713IMG_7695 IMG_7700IMG_7745 IMG_7710 IMG_7723 IMG_7731 IMG_7740 IMG_7756Good morning! As I wrote in an earlier post, we had dinner at Gastro yesterday evening and it was fantastic. They have reopened the restaurant in new premises and it's become more old fashioned and very elegant. Just look at that rounded window behind me and it's extra cozy now with the Christmas decorations still on the trees outside. Anyway, we had lots of amazing food too. I had lobster for starters and then a Sterling halibut. Some of the others had Whitefish roe from Kalix, red beets with chèvre, veal, beef etc. Nobody could actually eat a dessert after the other courses, but we ordered a doughnut dessert with ice cream and little tubes with raspberry jam and lemon curd inside, so we could prepare our own doughnuts and share. I was particularly fond of the lobster starter and the lemon curd doughnut dessert. So delicious! I was wearing a black bodycon bandage dress and silver Citrin jewellery.

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