Tuesday, January 05, 2016


IMG_7591IMG_7578 IMG_7580IMG_7588Visited musling for the first time today, for lunch. I bet most of you Danes have already heard about it, it's a cozy restaurant that serves fish, shellfish and vegetables located really close to Nørreport. I had potato mash with crab and a sunny side up egg, and a dish with kale, cod roe and apple. We had musling's own Champagne too, which was pretty good and easy to drink. The champagne and both dishes were delicious and so needed after today! I started the morning with my first exam at University (went well) and then I met my Mum and sister for some post Christmas shopping and gift exchanging. And now we're having dinner at my Grandparent's, which is really cozy.

P.S. I also had the honour of being my sister's first Polaroid picture model. Old school Polaroids are so cool.

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