Monday, January 25, 2016

hua hin seaside

IMG_9765 IMG_9767I bought a cord for transferring pictures to my Mac today! So now I can start posting some better pictures from Hua Hin... I'm wearing my brand new white Valerie shorts from Dr. Denim Jeansmakers in these pictures. I got them on sale at and I'm actually really happy for them. I've unknowingly missed a pair of high waisted white denim shorts. I'm also wearing my giant straw hat, that I got in Bangkok about one year ago and my Victoria's Secret bikini. I really am a seaside girl, it has such a peaceful effect... Today hasn't been that relaxed and peaceful, I have been on a ten hour shopping spree. I actually didn't get that much stuff but I'll try to show it to you when I wear it. Now I'm sleepy and going to bed. Goodnight!

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