Thursday, January 28, 2016

good morning from bangkok

IMG_8121Good morning pretty readers! I hope you had a good night's sleep and that you'll have a lovely breakfast. I stayed up too late last night but I actually feel rather rested today. "The Big Short" was a super good movie! I highly recommend it, but don't be too sleepy when watching it... Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick update about my day... I'm currently having breakfast and blogging and soon I'll get dressed and go to the malls. I'm planning on buying equipment for school, new iPhones (!) for me and my sister and then I'll go to MBK to get my hands on some gadgets for them - from the boring stuff like plastic films for the screen to colourful cases. I probably won't go crazy and buy glittery Swarowski stuff because I tend to never use it, even though it looks pretty cool and extraordinary in an Asian kind of way. I usually have sparkly film though, I sort of like having a Barbie phone...

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