Friday, August 26, 2016

airport surprises

Palma Airport just made it to my list of top five airport solely due to the stock of Yves Saint Laurent! I went there and looked for some limited edition nail polishes that I haven't been able to get my paws on (or the amount I needed). It looked like they didn't have anything but the lady in the shop asked me and told me that they had almost all past limited edition YSL nail polishes! Incredible! So I got myself three. I got one more of my favourite "nuit blanche" nail polish and I got "nuit noir" and "savage pink". I've regretted that I didn't get the sparkly black nail polish back when I got my white fave and I've hunted for savage pink all over the world (seriously - Denmark, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, France and Mallorca too)! So happy to finally have found them all! Now I know where to go next time I'm short on YSL... Just took a shower after arriving home and soon I'm going back in tanning mode and I have to unpack all of my stuff too. But I enjoy that more  than packing actually because it usually means I get to look at new ins one more time!

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