Sunday, August 28, 2016

club petanque cap

I was just about to ask if you can guess what's inside, but you probably can (particularly because I put it in the caption of this post). I saw the brand in EmQuartier in Bangkok this summer, but then in a shopping craze forgot all about it and then I looked for it all over the internet and in France too and was unable to find it. But they have them in stock again now and I just got mine! I love it already! It's pink and has a petanque player as a logo. I got a cap in Mallorca too, a pink one with a blue or black flamingo from Pull & Bear. Usually, I never use caps because I'm not fond of looking too "sporty". But after all the private boat trips in the Maldives this summer, I realized that I most definitely need one! I'm going to school again tomorrow so I'm currently packing my school bag and prepping my pencil case and stuff.

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