Thursday, August 25, 2016

forn de sant juan palma

Today was the last day in Palma and I'm a little sad because I really adore this city! It's so cozy and it has been such an amazing trip with my family! Today we completed the last round of shopping and then we went to Festival Parks Outlet where I got a bunch of nice stuff from Bimba & Lola (been crushing on some of their jewellery since I was a lot smaller and got a silver bug bracelet from Bimba & Lola in Hong Kong). And we got some more espadrilles in town too and then we went to have a quite posh dinner at Forn de Sant Juan. We had iberico ham (heavenly), then I had fish, a Mallorcan white wine (which was actually surprisingly good) and Crème Brûlée filled strawberries (so yummy and such a great idea to spice up the classic dessert with some fresh strawberries). Thanks for a heavenly and lovely vacation! Now we're going back to Copenhagen (and the real life of a medical student...)!

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