Wednesday, February 24, 2016

aamanns etablissement

IMG_0795IMG_0837 IMG_0804IMG_0840 IMG_0816 IMG_0845 IMG_0854I had fancy Wednesday lunch with my Mum at Aamanns Etablissement today before quickly going to the University for a few hours. Aamanns Etablissement serves fancy and modern Danish cuisine better known as "smørrebrød". I had shrimps on brioche and then fried plaice on rye bread, with lots of herbs, greens, pickled green tomatoes (they were heavenly) and green "remoulade". With that, I had a raspberry soda and a glass of Cava and my Mum had plaice and herring. The food, the service and settings, well, everything was super good and I was so full when I left for University.

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