Tuesday, February 02, 2016

inspiration # 58

cathykatemoss denevue Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 16.54.58 1It's Monday again and I'm feeling inspired by these two muses; British Kate Moss and French Catherine Deneuve. They're from two of my favourite countries and I think they really both represent them well. Deneuve is super elegant and classy, and Moss is so cool in a really British and rough kind of way. I'd really love to do my makeup like Deneuve but now that I have eyelash extensions, her look is a little difficult to wash off afterwards without damaging the eyelashes... I guess I'll just go natural, or "no makeup makeup" like Kate Moss meanwhile. Anyway, I've started University again (the second semester) and it actually feels quite nice. I'm looking forward to get new school books, a brand new Moleskine calendar, lattes and actually getting dressed well every day. I must admit that when I'm studying for an exam, I'm not that well dressed... Can you be bothered?

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