Sunday, February 07, 2016

koa & condesa

IMG_0141_2IMG_0137_2IMG_0164_2IMG_0170_2 IMG_0189_2 IMG_0188_2 IMG_0172_2Last night was so much fun! We arrived rather late for some shopping, but most of the stores were (to our delight and surprise) still open - probably because of fashion week... Anyway, since we were going for dinner and cocktails, we didn't want to carry any shopping bags so I put two cute and minimalistic summer dresses to the side in Zadig & Voltaire and I also found a gorgeous V-neck lyocell tee in Zara, that I'll perhaps buy. Is it possible to have too many black tees? After the shopping, we went to Café Norden for a quick latte macchiato before heading to KOA where we had two Storm Coolers and truffle popcorn. Everything was really good! We had a late dinner reservation at Condesa, which is the place we headed to next. We shared a Paloma (tequila, grape fruit soda, lime and salt) pitcher and had tostadas, ceviche, tacos and french fries. Everything was really good and quite cheap! Afterwards, we went home, which was a great decision since I'm feeling very fresh today and I have lots of stuff to do. I'm wearing a new wine red velvet Sorelle dress, which is unfortunately not so visible in the picture of me. But I promise that I'll wear it another time for some better photos. Beauty pics are coming up later though!

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