Tuesday, February 09, 2016

illum, zadig & summerbird

IMG_0280IMG_0278 The new Illum is such a pleasure to visit! It was nice before too, but it was way too similar to Magasin and now they've renovated Illum and made it a lot more luxurious, which is something Copenhagen actually really needed in my opinion. I went for a quick round of shopping after I finished University and I picked up lots and lots of scrumptious chocolate in Summerbird and I bought two gorgeous dresses in Zadig & Voltaire. I know you might ask yourself; how can there be two dresses in that tiny package? Well... They're super thin and soft summer dresses in Modal (absolute favourite fabric). I've bought so many of those super thin, sheer and soft summer dresses this winter... I really look forward until I can actually wear them! Anyway, I also got a gorgeous lyocell tee in Zara where I haven't shopped for years even though they occasionally have some pretty things. Now I'll have some tea and a Summerbird chocolate cream puff. Not sure how to say "flødebolle" or "gräddbulle" in English.

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