Thursday, February 18, 2016

red arm candy

armcandyI'm multitasking a bit at the moment, I'm currently writing this post and listening to a lecture at the University. This is the red arm candy that I'm wearing today, from the left: bought in India, Balenciaga, Anni Lu, Burberry watch, Carré chain and another bracelet that I got in India. The black cashmere cardigan is from Club Collection. As you can see, I'm loving red jewellery at the moment, it really spices up an all black, grey or white outfit and it fits really well with my Burberry scarf. I'm not doing much today, I've been at the University most of the day and tonight I'll probably just have some dinner, perhaps study a bit and maybe watch some O.C. I'm also starting to make some plans for the weekend. Have you got any weekend plans yet?

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