Saturday, July 30, 2016

busy bangkok day

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It has been the busiest day of the year (I've totally forgotten what it's like to study haha)! I started with getting eyelash extensions which took about two hours (I get 80 lashes on each upper lid and about 15 on each lower), so it takes some time! Then my boyfriend picked me up and we went shopping and to the Jim Thompson House, which was gorgeous but as we didn't have that much time we had to go with the French tour (which meant that I only understood about 20% of everything the guide said) and then we had to rush on to the spa! First, I used to Onsen spa, which really is a treat! Unfortunately my boyfriend and I couldn't use them together since genders are separated... However, we got a hot oil massage together afterwards as well as the herbal compress. It was the first time my boyfriend went to the spa so he was rather excited. Then we went to dinner at ISAO (I just had to have dinner at my favourite sushi place in Bangkok one more time) and then we went for a drink at Moon Bar (which was so full of annoying tourists who didn't get (nor care) about the queue system...). I had the one their bartender won some competition with, I don't remember the name of it but it's the one with the giant pineapple slice.

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