Friday, July 01, 2016

gorgeous eyelashes

I got my eyelash extensions today! I had them made at Salon de Beauty Concept in Terminal 21 and I already adore them. I tried a new style this time, it's called "Gorgeous" (I've tried American Doll and Camel before) and the lashes are longer in the middle and in the side of the eye and they have a bit more curl to them. I have 80 lashes on each upper eyelid and I also got 15 lashes on each of the lower eyelids. I'm so happy with the result - as usual! Thank you so much! I'm wearing a black playsuit from Terminal 21 and orange lipstick from YSL. Now we're heading out for some dinner at my fave sushi place - ISAO and then we're probably going to Iron Fairies and perhaps Sing Sing Theater again, if we're in the mood for it later tonight. Cheers!

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