Thursday, July 28, 2016

l'usine ho chi minh

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Today we're heading back home to Bangkok! Ho Chi Minh has been so much fun! Usually, I don't really go sightseeing in Bangkok because I've done all of that one of the first times I went to Bangkok, so I only do it when I have friends or family visiting that wants to see something. But here, we've been touristing a lot - and looked like real tourists with straw hats and everything! Ho Chi Minh is a lot less well developed than Bangkok (naturally) but it is a lot more raw and real. It has been nice to see all the semi-dirty streets, the endless current of motorbikes and the fresh markets with all kinds of greens a vegan could imagine. So much fun! We also found this gem called L'Usine close to our hotel and it has the best passionfruit smoothie ever! It really has a colonial feeling to it that I quite like.

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