Friday, January 27, 2017

london shopping spots

Some of my fave places in London! For obvious reasons... These are the shopping places one cannot miss on a shopping spree in London - Harrods, Bond Street and Selfridges/Oxford Street! Regent Street used to be my favourite because Hamley's is located there and it's still gorgeous but I usually don't visit any stores there. I'm currently packing a really big suitcase because I'm going back to my place in Copenhagen tomorrow. I'm quite excited because I haven't spent too much time there after all the travelling, Christmas and studying... Anyway, I have some pretty nice things to pack for. Tomorrow I'm travelling, getting a mini facial at Natura Siberica, running some secret errands and then I'm picking my love up at the airport. Can't wait for him to arrive! We haven't made any plans on Sunday, really. I think we're just going to relax and perhaps have brunch somewhere, go for a walk, make dinner and have a chill and cozy night in. On Monday, I'm starting school again, I look forward to seeing my friends and afterwards I'm going fridge and stove (and microwave!) shopping with my Grandparents and boyfriend and then we're having dinner at their place. I have Tuesday off and my boyfriend and I have been together for three years then so we have some pretty exciting things planned for that! Now I have to get back to outfit coordinating!

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