Saturday, January 28, 2017

inspiration # 67

I just got back from some grocery shopping for tonight and a facial massage at Natura Siberica. I'll tell you about the facial massage first. If you buy for over some amount in the Natura Siberica store here in Copenhagen, you will get a complimentary facial massage with pine nut oil and I had mine today (which was much needed after dragging a 30 kg. suitcase a rather long way). It was relaxing and smelled heavenly. I think I actually have one of those oils at home, I will definitely start using it even though my face smelled a little like a delicious pasta dish after the massage (who doesn't love pasta though?)... Which brings me to the next step. I got groceries to make dinner (spaghetti carbonara) for my boyfriend, I'm off to pick him up at the airport now. We're celebrating our 3 year anniversary this weekend and I'm really excited about it! Weekend plans are pretty much summed up in the inspo pics above (love the camel set) and the real celebration is on Tuesday.

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