Saturday, January 21, 2017

burger & lobster london

IMG_4911 2
We just got back to the hotel (we found one!) after walking from Marble Arch to Earl's Court... And we've been walking around London all day and then we even climbed like 200 stair steps at the tube station in Covent Garden... But it was super romantic walking through a sleepy London hand in hand. I've bought some stuff today that I look forward to showing you! We had dinner at a place called "Burger & Lobster", which seems like a chain of restaurants where they basically only sell lobsters, burgers and French fries. And giant cocktails! Luckily, the cocktail, which was some kind of tea, orange and whiskey/cognac cocktail, was good! We also stopped by a pub on our way home to get a beer and now I have to go because we're going to sleep! Nighty!

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