Wednesday, January 18, 2017

toffee nut life

Hey guys. I got home from the hospital some hours ago and all I managed to do was go and get a sandwich and ever since that I've been chilling in bed with lots of snacks, Insta and my Mac... Today was really exciting as well. Neurosurgery really is incredibly fascinating! I'd really like to tell you loads about it but obviously I can't... This pic is from the other day when my boyfriend and I had coffee and cakes at Starbucks. They fortunately still have my fave coffee: the toffee nut latte. So I'm leading the toffee nut latte life here in Oxford (trying not to have one every day though haha). But well well, my healthy life doesn't really start until I start school back home in Copenhagen. I'm really excited about buying lots of Kartell furniture and a new pink Smeg fridge.

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