Friday, December 09, 2016

fat burger & curly fries

I was just so disappointed today because my boyfriend and I were going to get burgers from a place called Gasoline Grill and I really had been looking forward to it all day! But just as we were checking out their menu, we noticed that they had closed 15 minutes ago because they were out of burgers. So annoying. Instead we walked over to Copenhagen Street Food and this Fat burger quenched my burger thirst (if such a thing exists) and the curly fries were really good... Sorry I'm not taking more outfit pics. I'm just sort of in between three homes and it's pretty difficult planning something out of the ordinary because then I'd have to carry a suitcase with me all the time... I promise that more is coming up when I get a little more settled down - or at least more interior pics are coming up!

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