Saturday, December 17, 2016

christmas baking & a little present

The Christmas Party was really fun last night! I forgot to take a picture of my outfit but then I'll just recreate it some other day... I'm on my way to my boyfriend's family's annual Christmas baking preparations and I'm bringing them this pretty little white flower. Christmas baking is really cozy but I'm not a fan of many of the products such as marzipan and dark chocolate. However, I love "kn√§ck", which is a Swedish caramel with almond bits in it that has the shape of a petite muffin. And I also really like "lussekatter", which is more like a bun in the shape of an S with saffron inside. Anyway, tonight we're going to see Tom Ford's new movie (SO excited!) and I think it's going to be really aesthetic and a bit creepy! I'll tell you more about it later if it's worth watching!

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